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Research 3 SEP 2021

Only one in three sport fans has access to premium sport channels

3 SEP 2021
While in the last decade pay TV’s share of sports rights - by value - has grown by 20% in Western Europe, only one in three sport fans has access to premium sport channels, according to a new report commissioned by the EBU from Ampere Analysis.

Research 30 AUG 2021

In 2022, less than 50% of households in Canada will have pay TV

30 AUG 2021
Next year, 48.9% of households in Canada will have pay TV, marking a massive and continuing trend of cable cord-cutting in the country, eMarketer forecasted.

Research 18 AUG 2021

Major US's pay-TV providers lost about 1.230.000 subscribers in Q2 2021

18 AUG 2021
The largest pay TV providers in the United States lost about 1.230.000 net video subscribers in the second quarter of 2021, compared to a pro forma net loss of about 1.505.000 during Q2 of 2020, according to LRG.

TV 12 AUG 2021

Francisco Tecles: "El desafío de Oi pasa por la usabilidad, la orquestación y la agregación"

12 AUG 2021
Lo definió durante el Pay TV Forum el responsable de la gestión de servicios y contenido de la única operadora que experimentado crecimiento en el mercado de la TV paga brasileña.

TV 12 AUG 2021

Newco/Band lanzará una plataforma para ISP y pequeñas operadoras de Brasil

12 AUG 2021
Así lo anunció Newton Suzuki, Director de Distribución de Trade Narketing de Newco/Band, durante su participación en el Pay TV Forum 2021.