22 JUL 2020


Fred Media’s VP sales and development for the Americas, Australia, and New Zealand talks about the big experience of the company and its attractive and extensive catalogue. He also expresses his opinion about how the new normality in the audiovisual sector will be.

Fred Media, the Australian content distribution business owned by one of the most successful production companies WTFN, has an extensive catalogue of original content and great acquisitions. “This gives us an interesting opportunity at the present time, where most productions have been stopped”, said Warren Sevel, Fred Media’s VP sales and development for the Americas, Australia, and New Zealand to Señal News. “In distribution, we have pretty good knowledge about what clients are looking for at any one time or what is trending in the market place”, added the executive.

During the Coronavirus period, Fred Media is creating new distribution strategies and working very hard to help their clients around the world fill their gaps in their schedules and meet obligations to their audiences. “We already have a healthy catalogue of more than 2.000 hours and much for the sort of content people are looking for at the present time which is worm, hearted, upbeat and positive”.

As evidence of it, the Australian company recently has concluded two major pre-sale deals for its observational documentary series "Mega Zoo", (10x60’), with Animal Planet in the US and TF1 in France.

On the other hand, Fred Media has acquired more than 300 hours of new content after closing partnerships with US broadcaster, The Africa Channel, and global digital network Tastemade, as a new strategy to help broadcasters.

Regarding how the Covid-19 has affected the audiovisual sector, Sevel has affirmed that TV productions will be up and running properly by July ahead of most of the countries and this represents an opportunity for broadcasters in other parts of the world to bring productions down on dot”.

By Romina Rodríguez