30 MAR 2023

GMA Network hosted anti-piracy Symposium in the Philippines

The Giant operator teamed up with the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment and the Intellectual Property Office in order to disrupt and curb levels of digital piracy.


Anti-piracy Symposium in the Philippines


GMA Network, the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), and Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) co-hosted an anti-piracy symposium entitled “Disrupting the Piracy Ecosystem and Protecting Legal Services.” The symposium, attended by over 80 government officials and content industry representatives, discussed effective strategies to disrupt and curb egregious levels of digital piracy, the efficacy of site blocking, and effective consumer messaging to make internet users more aware of the dangers of downloading malware from piracy websites and services.

Undersecretary Sharon Garin of the Department of Energy, said: “With the rise of the internet and digital accessibility, unfortunately, there is also an increase in the piracy and illegal streaming of copyrighted content. It is high time that we seriously look into exploring the areas of improvement on the existing piracy protection in the country in order to protect the interests of the artists and copyright owners and producers as well as coming up with other strategies to promote legal, safe and reliable streaming online”.

Congressman Jose “Joey” Salceda, stated: “If our creators cannot defend what they own, they will not be encouraged to create. There are signs that the sector is already stagnating, in a country whose mass market is Asia’s most prolific users of smartphones – easy avenues for spreading pirated content……. Site blocking is critical to intellectual property protection because the internet has accelerated the transmission of pirated content…(and)…I am pleased to report to you that House Bill No. 7600, which are amendments to the Intellectual Property Code to introduce site blocking mechanisms, is now in the House floor, after being approved by the Committee on Trade and Industry”.

IPOPHL Director General Rowel Barba commented:To ensure that we can implement effective strategies that can disrupt and curb online piracy, IPOPHL first needs to create an environment for a trusted and robust intellectual property (IP) enforcement system with effective enforcement and dispute resolution. This is to assure our stakeholders that if they have issues concerning their IP rights, they can rely on an IP enforcement system that is prompt, responsive, efficient, and effective”. "As such, IPOPHL is implementing a three-pronged approach to achieve this goal. First is by increasing awareness on IP rights protection and sustaining enforcement efforts. Second is by implementing swift site-blocking and notice and take down mechanisms. Third is by establishing a case tracking system for profiling of IP violators, identifying predicate crimes, and generating IP case statistics.

Jan van Voorn, Executive Vice President & Chief of Global Content Protection for the Motion Picture Association and Head of ACE, said: “Online piracy is a global criminal enterprise and to combat such criminally syndicated services, our industry needs to work collaboratively and collectively as part of a global network. Streaming piracy websites and services put consumers at risk of egregious malware, undermine investment, reduce tax contributions to governments, and stifle creativity. ACE is grateful to be invited to partner with the Philippines government in this important anti-piracy symposium and we welcome the new legislation before government which would allow for the blocking of egregious piracy sites being operated by crime groups located outside of the Philippines”.

Jose Vener Ibarra, Assistant Vice President for Legal Affairs, GMA said: Piracy deprives content creators and content owners the ability to maximize their economic returns and hampers its desire to create more jobs and contribute more taxes to government. It also deprives the consumers the chance to experience the full entertainment experience of online content and opens the door to malwares and spywares that threatens privacy. GMA is committed to work with government and like-minded partners to form a broad alliance to fight piracy.”