9 MAR 2020


Italy’s national public broadcaster RAI is increasing its offer for kids, in reaction to the emergency caused by coronavirus outbreak.


Italy is the European country more heavily hit by the virus, and the Italian Government has implemented severe measures to cope with it, including the closure of all schools, from kindergarten to Universities.

As millions of children and teens are invited to stay at home in the coming weeks, in most of Northern Italy until April 3rd, RAI Ragazzi is changing its media offer for kids.

A new children slot has been opened on the generalist channel Rai2, with in-house productions and co-produced series, while the thematic TV channels Rai Yoyo, preschool, and Rai Gulp, kids, are increasing their offer of programmes with educational content, including animated series and shows on Art, Music, History, and Science.

Social media are used by the Channels accounts to provide children with correct information as well as helping them to manage anxiety and stress.

The free VOD services RAI Play and Rai Play Yoyo are opening dedicated sections, assembling all content by genre and sub-genres and promoting children’s interaction.

While schools all over Italy are developing e-learning and online activities, all curricula are taken care of by Rai School, Tv channel and website, and Rai Culture department, with a wide offer of content, in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Education.

The aim is to provide a global offer balancing correct information and educational needs with entertainment for some 10 million minors all over Italy.