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Digital 29 AGO 2022

Netflix is close to determinate the price of its new ad-based service

29 AGO 2022
Netflix may be considering pricing its new advertising-supported tier at US$7 or US$9 a month, half as much as its current most-popular plan, the Standard, which costs US$15.49 monthly with no commercials.

Research 29 AGO 2022

What is the current state of the main platforms in the streaming industry?

29 AGO 2022
Parrot Analytics analyzed the major platforms from the five media companies that control over two thirds of all US demand for TV content: Disney, Warner Bros. Discovery, Paramount, NBCUniversal, and Netflix.

Content 29 AGO 2022

Netflix to globally stream thirteen Nippon anime titles

29 AGO 2022
The first titles to start streaming are"Hunter x Hunter’," that will be aired in 104 countries; "Ouran High School Host Club" in 190 countries, and “Claymore” in 136 countries.

Events 26 AGO 2022

The Mongolian National Film Council To receive top global content producers in September

26 AGO 2022
Ms. Nomin Chinbat, Minister of Culture of Mongolia, will welcome several major production studios, including Warner Bros., HBO, Discovery, Viacom, and Netflix, to explain the country’s film industry benefits and visit historic Mongolian venues.

Digital 26 AGO 2022

RSA Films launches unscripted division, with a first series for Netflix

26 AGO 2022
The new venture will be overseen by Global Head Executive, Dominic Crossley-Holland.