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Content 9 ENE 2024

Parrot Analytics to work with ICEX Creative Industries division in new collaboration

9 ENE 2024
ICEX Spain Trade & Investment announced a new agreement with Parrot Analytics to strengthen the production, sales and international positioning of Spanish companies in the global media and entertainment sector.

Research 19 DIC 2023

Are holiday movies becoming less family friendly?

19 DIC 2023
The vast majority of supply and demand for holiday movies is still for family friendly fare. However, cracks are appearing in this subgenre’s hold on the holiday movie space, new data from Parrot Analytics suggests.

Research 7 DIC 2023

Adult animation: a genre that keeps growing and outpacing supply

7 DIC 2023
Parrot Analytics has examined how significantly demand for the adult animation genre has grown with US consumers, and how much of that was driven by an increased volume of series.

Research 14 SEP 2023

Which OTT platform is delivering more hits with its original content?

14 SEP 2023
So far in 2023, Apple TV+ stands out with both US and global audiences in terms of having the highest percentage of shows with demand greater than 2x the market average, according to the latest data from Parrot Analytics.

Research 25 AGO 2023

Hulu Originals are on a hot streak, but could that hurt Disney's bottom line?

25 AGO 2023
Hulu is having a certifiable moment with a string of exceptionally in-demand original series in recent weeks, Parrot Analytics noted in its latest report.