Últimas noticias sobre rai-ragazzi

Content 9 MAY 2022

Mondo TV's "Annie & Carola" heads to Italy after a deal with RAI

9 MAY 2022
Italian public broadcaster buys first 26 episodes of the original new teen series to air it on RAI Ragazzi next year.

Contenidos 9 MAY 2022

"Annie & Carola" de Mondo TV se emitirá en Italia tras un acuerdo con RAI

9 MAY 2022
La emisora pública italiana compró los primeros 26 episodios de la nueva serie original para adolescentes que se emitirá en RAI Ragazzi en año próximo.

Content 11 ABR 2022

Atlantyca Entertainment enters into a live action world with "Snow Black"

11 ABR 2022
The company has presented the first fully completed season of the live-action series co-produced by RAI Ragazzi, and which was premiered on RAI GULP! in Italy.

Content 17 MAR 2022

Pope Francis receives Gruppo Alcuni’s "Cartoons for Peace" producers

17 MAR 2022
"Cartoons for Peace" is a 20x1’ 2D animated series created by children from all over the globe and co-produced by Gruppo Alcuni and RAI in cooperation with UNESCO’s Associated Schools Network.

Content 21 ENE 2022

Gruppo Alcuni’s "Vlady & Mirò" animated series arrives to RAI

21 ENE 2022
The new family series is now available on Rai Play and will be airing on Rai YoYo in early February. "Vlady & Mirò" is a Gruppo Alcuni co-production with Rai Ragazzi and the support of the Veneto Region’s POR FESR.