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Content 13 SEP 2022

Hit game-show “Quiz Hunt” format to be distributed by ZDF Studios

13 SEP 2022
ZDF Studios announced it has become the global distributor (excluding Austria) for the Servus TV’s hugely popular format “Quiz Hunt,” produced by Interspot Film.

Content 26 JUL 2022

ZDF Studios launches a new documentary, "Race for the Sky"

26 JUL 2022
The aviation history doc co-produced and distributed internationally by ZDF Studios, and produced by Spiegel TV in association with ZDF, Arte and ZDF Studios will tell the stories of various aviation pioneers.

TV 30 MAY 2022

ZDF Studios unveil new documentary “The History of Trash”

30 MAY 2022
ZDF Studios launched a brand new documentary covering a very contemporary topic, “The History of Trash,” a film which offers a glimpse into the landfills and cesspits of history and finds that recycling is almost as old as mankind itself.

Content 17 MAY 2022

ZDF Studios secures global distribution rights to "Mysteries of the Bible"

17 MAY 2022
The six-part title is produced by Pernel Media for French channel C8 from the Canal+ group.

Content 3 MAR 2022

ZDF Enterprises to co-produce "Whales off our Coasts"

3 MAR 2022
The new nature documentary produced by Doclights and NDR Naturfilm, will reveal the life of mammals residing across the Baltic and North Sea coasts, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and off the Canaries.