16 OCT 2019


The breakthrough talent reality show will feature singing and dancing competitions in one show and crown two grand champions in each talent category. The title represents the first foray in original talent reality formats for the Philippine company.


Leading Philippine media network ABS-CBN has partnered with Fritz Productions, a production team with vast international experience in unscripted formats, to pioneer an original talent reality show with “Your Moment.” 

ABS-CBN, which has also known for its string of successful adaptations of international talent competitions in the Philippines, created the new format with a global audience in mind as the show becomes open to international adaptations.

“This signals the bold steps we are taking in growing our footprint in the international scene. ABS-CBN has, through the past 65 years, carved a solid name in producing top-rating shows that expanded our audience across regions and has led us to grow from the Philippines’ leading broadcasting company into the multimedia giant that it is today,” Macie F. Imperial, Vice-President and Division Head of ABS-CBN Integrated Acquisitions and International Sales & Distribution, told during the “Your Moment” launch in MIPCOM.

Set to premiere in the Philippines in 2020, “Your Moment” will feature singing and dancing competitions in one show and crown two grand champions in each talent category.  The show will have four levels leading to the “Your Grand Moment” or grand finals. In the first level, which is called “Your First Moment,” performers will be given two minutes to impress the judges. Each episode will feature three acts from each category.

In “Your Moment of Choice,” the second level of the competition, highest ranking acts will get to pick their opponents in an exhilarating three-way showdown. Meanwhile, in the third level called “Your Moment of Power,” top performers will be given the chance to choose their mentor.

Both the second and third levels will follow the “beat the winner” elimination process. Finally, in the “Your Grand Moment” level, the top three acts per category will compete in a series of rounds wherein one grand winner from each category will emerge. Viewers and judges will witness these electric performances from a state-of-the-art revolving immersive set that takes studio audiences from the dancing to the singing stage, and vice versa.

The first 20 seconds of each performance starts in black and white to highlight each act’s raw talent. As a performance advances, lights and color will appear, featuring three time markers that represents 3 wow moments judges can score. Every time the performance reaches the time markers, an emotion meter appears on screen that reflects the scores of the judges. They will score three times from 1-10 using an emotion meter knob.

“Your Moment” will have its world premiere in the Philippines this year and will be hosted by two world-class Filipino personalities, and feature three notable entertainment industry personalities in the Philippines.

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