6 APR 2021


The new content available since March through Amazon’s on-demand video streaming platform includes the series “Pa' Quererte,” “Pobres Rico” and “La Ley del Corazón” in its first season.


The on-demand video streaming platform Amazon Prime Video continues to expand its content selection for Latin America, now with the addition of Canal RCN's successful productions. The new content available since March includes the series “Pa' Quererte,” “Pobres Rico” and “La Ley del Corazón” in its first season. These productions join other RCN titles already available on the OTT, such as “Casa de reinas,” “El Man es Germán,” “La Marca del Deseo,” “Doctor Mata,” “Merlina - Mujer divina,” and “Garzón”. 

“Pa’ Quererte” is romantic comedy soap opera directed by Israel Sánchez and Catalina Hernández and written by Juan Andrés Granados, Fernand Rivera, Juan Carlos Troncoso, and Elkin Ospina. It tells the story of four fathers who face their paternity and suffer a change of role in their lives, which leads them to discover themselves and thus face situations they never imagined.

“La Ley del Corazón” is a series directed by Víctor Mallarino and Sergio Osorio. Starring Luciano D'Alessandro and Laura Londoño, it tells the story of a prestigious law firm facing personal and professional challenges, while the love affair between its protagonists progresses simultaneously.

Lastly, “Pobres Rico” is directed by Pepe Sánchez and tells the story of how the traditional and wealthy Rico family goes bankrupt and has to learn to live in a popular neighborhood of Bogotá together with the Siachoque family. It stars Juan Pablo Raba and Paola Rey. 

"We are very pleased to celebrate this licensing agreement with such an important ally as Amazon Prime Video, which represents an excellent alternative for the expansion of content distribution, reaffirming our projection and positioning at a panregional level in Latin America. The platform's subscribers will have access to a varied selection of titles with the RCN brand signature that will allow them to enjoy great stories, highly recognized for their success on screen, cast, original music, and production values,"  said María Lucía Hernández, International Sales Director of Canal RCN.