Amazon reinforces its production power is Spain

The platform continues to bet heavily on Spanish content, and during an event held in Madrid, it revealed some of its next original productions: its first two Spanish films and two new series.


Amazon Prime Video continues to bet heavily on Spanish content, and during a press event held in Madrid, the platform presented some of its upcoming original fiction productions: its first two Spanish films and two new series. At the same time, it announced José María Caro, a Spanish producer ex Buendía Estudios and Mediapro, as his new head of fiction series for the platform in the country. "We believe that these new original fiction bets are really going to make a difference. They are projects that we hope will have an incredible reception from our audience,"  commented Koro Castellano, Director of Prime Video in Spain.

Meanwhile, María José Rodríguez, Director of Original Content in Spain at Amazon Studios, said: "We have presented four new titles that we have been working on for a long time and that we are sure will surprise, be liked, and really demonstrate our commitment to production quality and talent".

Regarding strategy, the company made clear its intentions not to produce large amounts of content, but rather to bet on few but high-profile projects. "We are not in the volume game, as our ambition is to make great productions that make a difference,"  Rodríguez added.

The first title announced by Prime Video was the feature film "Mañana es hoy," which has just finished filming. The movie, which will be released directly through the platform, without premiering on theaters, combines comedy with science fiction as it follows a family's time travel from 1991 to 2022. The second original Amazon film in Spain is titled "Awareness" and is currently in pre-production, with filming scheduled to begin in a few weeks. It is a mix of action, science fiction and adolescent drama, whose protagonist, Ian, is a young man with superpowers.

In terms of series, the company announced two new fictions: the first of them is the adaptation of “Reina Roja,” a literary trilogy by Juan Gómez Jurado and one of the biggest Spanish-language publishing successes in recent years. The second Amazon Original bears the provisional title of “Los Farad” and is an eight-episode series inspired by real events, with action and thriller elements.