The Vice President, Global Distribution at The Jim Henson Company, describes its new responsibility at the company, which includes overseeing sales of all forms of media across TV, cable, home video, and theatrical in all territories.

12 FEB 2020

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By the beginning of the year, The Jim Henson Company has expanded the responsibilities of long-time executive Anna Moorefield, Vice President, Global Distribution, to head all content distribution strategies for the Company across all platforms.  Moorefield’s new scope of responsibilities includes overseeing sales of all forms of media across TV, cable, home video, and theatrical in all territories. To describe the news perspective of the company, Señal News interviewed Moorefield.

What are your personal and professional goals after your promotion at The Jim Henson Company?
“As a long-time fan of The Jim Henson Company and its productions, I’ve enjoyed opening up new opportunities across digital platforms, whether it’s introducing new brands, or rolling out our revered catalog of evergreen titles to existing fans and new audiences. Our content is well-suited to these kinds of opportunities since it continues to be accessible and relevant, sometimes decades after it premiered! As we look forward to the years ahead, we want to continue bringing more of the company’s catalog properties to viewers, especially the beloved titles that haven’t been seen for several years”.

What are the main challenges of the global content distribution environment?
“The distribution landscape is continuing to evolve, and it doesn’t seem to be settling anytime soon. At The Jim Henson Company, our properties and our brand must be available on a variety of platforms, across numerous territories, strategically placed to best serve both global and local audiences. Understanding each platform, and the demographics they cater to ensure that we are serving our content and our fans in the best way possible”.

How would you mix the sales across TV, cable, home video, and theatrical platforms?
“There is a great deal of opportunity across all of these platforms. Over the history of the company, we have created a rich and varied catalog that incorporates feature films, prime time and preschool series, television specials, and short-form content. This means we have a very unique opportunity to satisfy the needs of all of our partners across all windows, and the way that we have managed our catalog is reaping benefits now. From digital remastering to managing dubbed assets, to controlling bonus content that is additionally fun and meaningful for fans, we can provide titles that meet technical and creative needs across the board”.

How would you describe the value of digital platforms for Jim Henson's shows?
“We have received considerable marketing and promotional support from digital partners who recognize that we have a long and prolific history of producing high-quality content and also appreciate the value of the Henson brand.  While the TV and home video business have been more profitable for new and original content, our evergreen programming is in strong demand from fans seeking favorite titles to stream and new viewers looking for on-demand content they can trust”.

By Diego Alfagemez