Banijay unveils a new scripted initiative, Banijay Bootcamp

The new creative program for scripted talent is set to facilitate collaborative storytelling by pairing in-house development executives with emerging writers in a dynamic residency.

9 FEB 2024

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Banijay unveiled Banijay Bootcamp, a new creative program for scripted talent, set to facilitate collaborative storytelling by pairing in-house development executives with emerging writers in a dynamic residency. Led by Steve Matthews, Content Executive at Banijay, Banijay Bootcamp is facilitated through the established Midpoint Institute's Series Launch program, which Matthews has been part of since its inception in 2015. Working with Matthews is Portocabo's Head of Content, Nina Hernández, and guest tutor Tatjana Samopjan.

Starting this week in Prague, with two residencies across three months, a cohort of five Banijay development executives from Mexico, Spain, France, Israel, and the Netherlands will each be mentored by a writer to develop an idea, storyline, plot, and script. Participants in the inaugural Banijay Bootcamp include Clara Machado (Endemol Shine Boomdog) with Carl Zitelmann, Anita Pico (Zeppelin) with Carlotta Dans and Lucía Estévez (Portocabo), Héloïse Ridoux (Banijay Studios France) with Quentin Elles, Adi Bar Yossef (Endemol Shine Israel) with Elad Laor, and Claire Zhou (NL Film) with Leon Golterman.

Steve Matthews, Content Executive at Banijay, said: "Banijay Bootcamp will see our in-house development story makers and their chosen writers sharpen skills to further understand the deep structure of an idea and how to make it the very best version possible. They'll expertly demolish and understand further projects, sharp and commercial. In an increasingly competitive market, productions need to be really, really, good, so this is really about supporting development executives and writers, strengthening the next-generation across the footprint."

Banijay Bootcamp is one of many of the group's initiatives designed to accelerate and support the generation supercharge creativity, including Banijay Launch, which supports women creators with promising unscripted formats, providing in-house mentorships to aid them in developing bold new formats from concept to pitch to saleBased in Prague, Midpoint Institute is an international audiovisual training and networking center offering comprehensive professional support in film and series development, individual skills development, and post-production. MIDPOINT is devoted to helping emerging and mid-career professionals advance their projects and improve their craft.

Banijay is home to a diverse range of over 60 labels working within scripted. Highly-anticipated forthcoming titles include "Ripley," "This Town," "Supersex," "Ronja the Robber's Daughter," "Carême," "Elixer," "Supporting Actor," "Like Water for Chocolate," series two of "The Golden Hour" and many many more.