BBC Studios to produce two new social documentaries

One is about the murder of Sarah Everard, and the other is about the relationships between Einstein, Hitler, and the atomic bomb.

20 FEB 2024

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BBC Studios has produced two social interest documentaries: one about the controversial murder of the British executive Sarah Everard and another about the relationships between Einstein, Hitler, and the atomic bomb. While "Sarah Everard: the Search for Justice" will be broadcast on BBC One and iPlayer, "Einstein and the Bomb" will be on Netflix

The first title is a one-hour film that looks at the Met's investigation into Sarah's murder, how this devastating crime unfolded, and its impact. It is narrated by those closely involved in the case from the beginning, many of whom are speaking on camera for the first time, including the Senior Investigating Officer, the Prosecuting Barrister, and Sarah's local MP. Additionally, during the making of this film, the production team has been in close contact with Sarah's parents. They hope that it will bring increased focus to issues of women's safety and the abuse of power by police and others in positions of authority.

Emma Loach, BBC Lead Commissioning Editor, Documentaries, pondered about the social relevance of the content: "The murder of Sarah Everard sent shock waves across the country and ignited an urgent conversation about police failings and violence against women and girls. This is an important and timely film, and we, like Sarah's family, hope it will contribute to the ongoing dialogue around the issues raised," noted.

In the context of the "Oppenheimer" phenomenon, "Einstein and the Bomb" focuses on the year 1933 when the renowned scientist hides from the Nazi regime in a wooden hut in a field in Norfolk. Using Einstein's own words from speeches, letters, and interviews to script his dialogue, this feature-length film blends dramatic scenes with archive footage of Einstein's life and times, unfolding across both World Wars, the rise and fall of fascism, and the advent of the atomic age. The film is produced by the same team as "The Anthrax Attacks," and Einstein is played by actor Aidan McArdle, who also portrayed Einstein in the film "E=mc2" and Nova's "Einstein's Big Idea."

Scriptwriter Philip Ralph expressed gratitude for having participated in a project of this nature: "Drawing from a lifetime of Einstein's quotes, ideas and musings, combined with the wealth of incredible archive footage, alongside the fantastic production design and brilliant performances, Einstein and the Bomb tells the story of how the greatest mind in history gave humanity the power to destroy itself. It was an absolute privilege to work on," he said.