BBC Two and PBS commission "Disco Inferno: The Sound of the Underground"

The 3-part series is produced and directed by Grace Chapman, Louise Lockwood and Shianne Brown for BBC Studios Productions Documentary Unit.


BBC Two and PBS have commissioned a landmark, 3-part series from BBC Studios to examine the rise – and fall – of disco, and celebrate its continuing musical and cultural legacy. “There’s no doubt that disco had an enormous impact - not just on the musical landscape at the time of its emergence and far beyond, but as a social and cultural force for change," Jonathan Rothery, Commissioning Editor for the BBC, said. "This documentary series from BBC Studios, which the BBC has supported together with PBS, will highlight many new or untold stories of the genre. I’m looking forward to sharing Disco Inferno with audiences on BBC Two.”

A working title, "Disco Inferno: The Sound of the Underground" is produced and directed by Grace Chapman, Louise Lockwood and Shianne Brown, and Executive Producer Alexander Leith for BBC Studios Productions Documentary Unit. It was commissioned by Jonathan Rothery for the BBC, and Bill Gardner is the Executive in Charge for PBS. BBC Studios is handling global distribution. "Disco was such an influential genre in the history of music, with a legacy that remains potent to this very day," Abigail Priddle, Creative Director, BBC Studios Productions Documentary Unit said. " We’re thrilled to be working with the BBC and PBS on this fascinating series, exploring the times, places and people that shaped one of the world’s greatest soundtracks.”

Told by the original musicians, promoters and innovators – as well as modern day musical icons the title is a definitive story of the people who forged a new form of music and dance – and pioneered a social movement. It will delve into iconic disco tracks and remarkable archive footage, analysing and exploring the anthemic songs and sound they established. “Music is a powerful unifier, bringing together people from all backgrounds and identities, and PBS is committed to sharing stories like ‘Disco Inferno’ with audiences across platforms," Bill Gardner, Vice President, Multiplatform Programming and Head of Development for PBS said. "The story and power of Disco isn't just about the music and how it moved people, but in its social and cultural impact. PBS is proud to partner with the BBC to tell the unique story of Disco - told by those who were there- with themes of pride and celebration that still move people today." 


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