Blue Ant Media launches TotalCrime on VIZIO WatchFree+

VIZIO WatchFree+ viewers will now have access to a wide range of Blue Ant titles, free of cost.

5 MAY 2022

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Blue Ant Media confirmed the launch of TotalCrime, a new free, ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) channel on VIZIO WatchFree+ in the U.S. “We’re excited to be expanding our distribution with VIZIO and bringing TotalCrime to millions of viewers engaging with the compelling, free content on WatchFree+,” says Jamie Schouela, President, Global Channels and Media, Blue Ant Media. “Our programming line-up is curated with intriguing and shocking factual content that true crime superfans can only find on TotalCrime.” 

The launch serves as one of the company's efforts to expand into the emerging free streaming space on a global scale and its overall distribtion collaboration with VIZIO. The company’s global wildlife and nature brand, Love Nature, launched on VIZIO’s free streaming service, VIZIO WatchFree+, in 2021. It continues to rank as one the top-performing free, ad-supported channels, in total hours, in the DISCOVER category on VIZIO WatchFree+ in the U.S. market. Additionally, last month, in support of Earth Day, Love Nature launched ‘Love Earth’, a one-month pop-up channel on VIZIO WatchFree+, fueled by Love Nature’s original series and documentaries. 

The launch grants VIZIO WatchFree+’s audience unlimited and free access to Blue Ant Media’s extensive library of true crime-inspired shows and documentaries. TotalCrime’s programming highlights include "Confessions of a Serial Killer," which uncovers taped confessions of the most notorious serial killers in history, "Handsome Devils," which features real stories of handsome and enchanting men, who are everything a person has ever dreamed of in a partner, only to turn into their worst nightmare, "I Didn't Do It," , a series that exposes the untold story of wrongful convictions, one gut-wrenching case at a time, chronicling harrowing personal stories and the desperate search for the real criminals behind the crimes; "Encounters With Evil," (10 x 60’), which explores the minds of the perpetrators of notorious crimes using expert analysis and interviews with those closest to the case; "The Killer in My Family," a series that focuses on the relatives of murderers, revealing how the crimes affected their families and whether there were any signs of murderous intentions beforehand.

Blue Ant Media’s suite of FAST channels is now accessible on VIZIO WatchFree+, The Roku Channel, Xumo, Samsung TV Plus and PrendeTV. The company’s growing global portfolio of FAST channels include Love Nature, HauntTV, TotalCrime and Homeful. “We are proud to continue to offer our audiences dynamic and binge-worthy content,” says Katherine Pond, VP, Business Development, VIZIO. “Working with Blue Ant Media’s diverse and engaging content is what helps make VIZIO WatchFree+ a destination for anyone looking to dive into new content.”