3 MAY 2021


The free ad-supported streaming channels are now available on Samsung TV Plus to millions of Canadians nationwide.


"In Ice Cold Blood"


International producer, distributor and channel operator, Blue Ant Media announced its FAST (free ad-supported streaming television) channels, HauntTV and Crimetime, are now available to stream for free on Samsung TV Plus in Canada.

The partnership with Samsung builds on Blue Ant Media’s momentum and expansion into the FAST channel space, with Samsung TV Plus users having free, instant access to HauntTV and Crimetime’s highly unscripted paranormal and true crime programming, including "Paranormal Survivor", "See No Evil" and "In Ice Cold Blood". HauntTV (channel # 1420) and Crimetime (channel #1137) are available via the Samsung TV Plus app on 2016 – 2021 Samsung TVs and on select Samsung Galaxy mobile devices.

“We’re excited to bring Blue Ant’s FAST channels to the Samsung TV Plus platform and introduce our paranormal and true crime series to a new audience,” said Jamie Schouela, President, Global Channels & Media, Blue Ant Media. “This is the latest step in expanding our rapidly growing FAST offering and there’s more to come!”

HauntTV programming highlights on Samsung TV Plus include: "Ghost Chasers" (10x60’), exploring some of Europe’s most haunted locations, in search of proof ghosts really exist; "Ghostly Encounters" (83x30’), following the first-hand real-life accounts of those who have experienced chilling spectral run-ins; and "World’s Scariest Hauntings" (10x60’), exploring some of the most terrifying ghost and horror stories from around the globe.

On the other hand, Crimetime programming highlights series on Samsung TV Plus include: "In Ice Cold Blood" (36x60’), hosted Grammy® Award-winning artist and actor Ice T, the series provides audiences with in-depth interviews, dramatic reenactments and archival footage to shine a light on shocking real-life crime cases involving sex, greed and murder; "See No Evil" (58x60’), a ground-breaking series unveiling how real murder cases are solved with the help of CCTV surveillance cameras; and "Snapped: Killer Couples" (10x60’), following America’s most dangerous duos and the evolution of their toxic relationships that drove them to commit crimes.