Blue Ant's Love Nature launches its new original series

These include a diverse roster of dedicated specialists bringing new voices to Love Nature’s natural history series, including "Deep Dive North America", "Snow Leopards with Dan O’Neill", "Boss Shark", and "Wild Sky". Blue Ant Studios’ rights division oversees pre-sales and licensing outside of commissioning territories.

22 APR 2024

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Love Nature, a wildlife and nature brand with linear and streaming channels available internationally, announced a slate of new original programming that leverages some of the world’s most talented natural history experts. The new slate will offer audiences around the globe fresh perspectives on the natural world and bring a modern lens to wildlife and nature series. The new lineup of programming brings a roster of fresh, new faces to the natural history genre, who bring their scientific expertise and deep knowledge on-screen. These human characters foster real connections to animal and nature stories, elevating the insight and discovery that Love Nature’s audiences love. Blue Ant Studios’ rights division oversees pre-sales and licensing outside of commissioning territories.

The new slate includes: "Deep Dive North America", the second Deep Dive installment featuring break-out natural history host and wildlife biologist, Lizzie Daly; "Snow Leopards with Dan O’Neill", hosted by award-winning wildlife filmmaker, biologist and explorer, Dan O’Neill; "Boss Shark", hosted by renowned shark presenters and marine biologists, Dr. Riley Elliot and Kori Burkhardt; and "Wild Sky", produced by celebrated natural history filmmaker, Dr. Chadden Hunter. Next, let's review what each of them is about.

"Deep Dive North America" (6 x 60’) is produced by Big Wave Productions. Building on the success of ""Deep Dive Australia", this new six-part series sees passionate wildlife host and biologist, Lizzie Daly, team up with a unique network of U.S.-based experts and marine research institutions to produce a unique and timely look at the incredible marine life of North America.

Secondly, "Snow Leopards with Dan O’Neill" (2 x 50’), by Off The Fence. In search of new data that could ensure the survival of the elusive snow leopard, this cinematic series follows filmmaker and Snow Leopard Trust explorer in residence Dan O’Neill as he embarks on an extreme conservation mission to the mountains of Kyrgzstan and Mongolia, to gather brand new knowledge of the elusive “Ghosts of the Mountains.”

"Boss Shark" (1 x 60’), is produced by WildBear Entertainment with Discovery as a co-production partner. This one-hour special follows an all-star team of shark specialists, including Dr. Riley Elliot  and Kori Burkhardt, along the waters off New Zealand's Stewart Island, to study the world's largest and most accessible pack of Great White sharks in the hope of finding an elusive and intimidating Boss Shark, the alpha Great White that rules the other shark aggregations with an iron fin.

FInally, there´s "Wild Sky", also produced by WildBear Entertainment. The title takes audiences on a journey across four continents to experience breath-taking weather systems and meet animals that face the elements head on.  Stunning 4K weather footage and advanced satellite imagery give viewers new perspectives of the fronts that envelop the Rocky Mountains, the Amazon rainforest and Australian deserts. 

Carlyn Staudt, General Manager, Love Nature & Head of Commissioning, Global Media, Blue Ant Media referred to the primary features of the lineup:"Infusing our original programming with new talent who are leading the world in wildlife filmmaking offers a key point of distinction for Love Nature’s natural history programmin.The hosts and other human characters in these series ignite a sense of curiosity and wonder and act as guides who unlock perspectives on nature and wildlife stories audiences wouldn’t hear of otherwise," explained.