Canada's Écho Média! co-produces two new projects with Brazil, France, and Ukraine

"Heart of Darkness" is an animated feature film created with Brazil's Karmatic Imagens and France's Special Touch Studios, whereas "The City of Maria," is a co-production with Ukraine and Brazil.

19 JUN 2024

Luc Chatelain (Echo Media) and Cid Makino (Split Studios)

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Montreal-based prodco Écho Média announces two new co-production projects, "Heart of Darkness" and "The City of Maria," in partnership with international studios from Brazil, France, and Ukraine. These collaborations highlight Écho Média's commitment to producing high-quality animated content while fostering valuable international relationships.

"Heart of Darkness" is an animated feature film created in collaboration with Karmatic Imagens from Brazil and Special Touch Studios from France. Directed by Brazilian Rogério Nunes, this unique adaptation of Joseph Conrad’s classic novel is set in a near-future Rio de Janeiro. It blends classic literature with contemporary and futuristic elements, utilizing advanced animation techniques that combine 3D scenarios with 2D character animation.

This innovative approach promises a visually striking and engaging film, expected to be completed and released in 2025. Karmatic Imagens, known for its metalinguistic soul and distinctive visual style, and Special Touch Studios, led by the experienced producer Sébastien Onomo, bring their unique perspectives and expertise to this ambitious project. Écho Média is proud to be a co-producer, contributing to the film's unique vision and high production quality.

"The City of Maria" is a full-length animated film co-produced with Avtoritet Studio from Ukraine and Split Studio from Brazil. This kids' drama addresses the challenging topic of war through the eyes of two children left without parents after the bombing of Mariupol. The film emphasizes the importance of being seen, heard, accepted, protected, and alive, fostering understanding and acceptance between children from peaceful and war-affected countries.

Ukrainian director and producer Oleh Malamuzh ("The Stolen Princess" and "Mavka: The Forest Song") brings his extensive experience and expertise to the project. Split Studio, since 2009, has been at the forefront of animation in Brazil, creating diverse content for industry giants like Cartoon Network and Disney Jr. Their innovative approach ensures top-quality animated storytelling. Écho Média is excited to co-produce this impactful film, helping to bring its important message to a global audience.