Canal+ France picks up "Time Traveler Luke" adventure series from GoldBee

The animated title has already been picked up in Russia, Korea, Poland, Russia & CIS, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Greece.


"Time Traveler Luke"


Canal+ France has acquired TV rights and exclusive SVOD rights for GoldBee's adventure animated series "Time Traveler Luke". The series will air on TeleTOON+ and TeleTOON+1 channels, and Canal+ on-demand platforms.

"Time Traveler Luke" (52x11’) is produced by Korea’s Anyzac, in coproduction with SK Broadband, Daewon Media, and Giggle Garage. It has already been picked up by The Disney Channel and 1HDTV in Russia, KBS (Korea), TVP (Poland), CLS Media (Russia & CIS), TVB (HK), Mediacorp (Singapore), Astro (Malaysia), Canal+ Myanmar, SmileTV (Greece).

Christophe Goldberger, GoldBee’s Managing Director: “We are thrilled to see 'Time Traveler Luke' reach French kids with such a great partner as Canal+. The series takes kids on a roller-coaster ride through the most iconic civilizations of our times. The format is unique, with 10 mini-series, each ending with thrilling cliffhangers, leaving the audience in suspense and anxious to see more”.

Earlier this month, "Time Traveler Luke" won the Ministery of Culture, Sports and Tourism Award in the animation segment at the 2021 Korea Content Awards, for the third time after 2018 and 2020. At the 25th Asian Television Award held in January of this year, it received the Best 3D Animation Award, reaffirming its global popularity.

"Time Traveler Luke" is an epic adventure fantasy series about Luke, a savvy bellboy with a secret: He is also a time traveler. After his grandfather’s disappearance, he embarks together with his friend Jean on an exciting time travel adventure in order to protect unique relics from ancient civilizations, and ultimately find his grandfather.