Content Americas 2023: Onza Distribution adds "Osel" series

The new Mr Monkey original series addresses the story about the Lama child that revolutionized the world. His protagonist, Osel Hita Torres, where he explains how his childhood was and the reasons why he decided to change radically life.

25 JAN 2023

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"Osel", the Spanish Lama Child Documentary Series belonging to the original Mr Monkey catalog, jumps to the international distribution of Onza Distribution. The distributor will present the new multipremiad series Lucas Figueroa this week during the content of Content Americas in Miami.

"We are very happy to distribute 'Osel', a unique human story, which has already been compared to Wild Wild Country," said Béatrice Nouh, Sales Director at Onza Distribution. "There is a market in the market for premium documentary content and Osel fills it perfectly."

Figueroa, Director and Showrunner, added: “Mr Monkey is an IPs creation company with a catalog of more than 100 original titles. We are very excited about this new trip with a unique partner as an ounce with one of the series that gave us the most satisfaction to create and produce.”

Released during the month of November in primicia HBO Max Spain, "Osel" has a total of 4 episodes of 50 minutes each. It was shot for 5 years on several continents, so it collects images from the United States (California), Italy, Spain (Ibiza, Granada, Bubion, Madrid), India or Nepal.

The docuserie is contextualized in Spain during 1986 when a Alpujarra child was recognized as the reincarnation of one of Tibet's greatest Buddhist teachers, and was transferred to India for enthrook and training. What nobody expected is that when they fulfill the age of age, the reincarnated young man would change his silent monastery for the nightclubs of Ibiza, entering a world open to Western experimentation in his broadest sense.

The protagonist Osel Hita Torres, who is 36 today, will exclusively tell his career of lights and shadows giving his testimony of the facts, how his childhood was and the reasons why he left monastic life when he fulfilled the age of majority. In addition, "Osel" presents unpublished material exclusively, such as the restored tapes of its protagonist's family.

In almost 10 years, Onza Distribution has established itself as the largest independent distributor in Spain, with a presence on the 5 continents and more than 180 titles in its catalog in films and fiction series, soap operas, documentaries and entertainment formats. In addition to "Osel", among the productions that this January leads are “The Shot: vacunas para la historia” (1x60’), “Motel Valkirias” (8x50’), “Nochebuena” (1x80’), “Crímenes” (T1: 10x50’, T2: 14x50’, T3: 12x50’) y varias telenovelas de TVI, como “La heredera gitana” (T1: 125x50’, T2: 190x50’) o “Para Siempre” (T1: 100x50’, T2: 100x50’).