Content creator Matt Danner and Animasia Studios to produce “Super Free Play”

The animated kids’ series is a co-production with Bruce Robinson of Free Play Media and Animasia Studio and globally distributed by Lacey Entertainment.


“Super Free Play”


Matt Danner ("Hot Wheels"; "Muppet Babies" and "Night at the Museum"), and Animasia Studio have twinned up to produce Danner’s original animated series, "Super Free Play", a 20 x 11’ 2D animation aimed at kids aged 6 to 12 about a set of super powered siblings. The series is a co-production with Bruce Robinson of Free Play Media and Animasia Studio, who will also produce the animation and it is in the final stages of development. Lacey Entertainment will distribute the series.

Set in a world inspired by retro video games, the intergalactic adventure follows Jay and Dasha, aka “The Turbo Twins”, humans living on the Multi World, an alien planet cluster, who’ve gained outlandish superpowers by absorbing “Power Ups” native to their new home. After saving the Multi-World from the diabolical Uber Boss, the super siblings have become celebrity heroes but, with the world now at peace, they must learn to live a normal life as teenagers.

Two-time Emmy winner Eric Bauza is set to star in the series to voice Jay. In addition, long time animation producer Sander Schwartz ("Jackie Chan Adventures", "What’s New Scooby Doo", "Justice League" and "The Batman") has been tapped to produce alongside Danner.

Matt Danner says, “'Super Free Play' is the video-game show I always wanted to watch. I’m beyond excited to have such a stellar team on board for my first original series. Working with Animasia Studio, Sander Schwartz, Eric Bauza, Brian Lacey and Bruce Robinson is simply out of this world.”