Current Affairs and Sciences are the main focus for Only Distrib

The French distributor is looking to acquire more current affairs, society and history titles that clients are demanding, without forget their interest in science programming. Laurene Voilliot, Head of Sales & Acquisitions, details the strategy with producers and key players in the industry.

25 MAY 2023

Laurene Voilliot

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With a catalogue of more than 3000 hours of Science, Green and Lifestyle programmes, in HD and 4K, Only Distrib has developed a qualitative, positive programming, always focusing on the future. With a new sales team composed by Laurene Voilliot, Head of Sales & Acquisition; and Sarah Budriesi and Romane Cot-Ogryzek as sales agents, the company is pushing "Off the roads" (10x52’) which takes audiences on a trip across Europe to discover its most beautiful natural areas. "The show was in production at MIPCOM, and now we have a first episode to show," mentioned Voilliot to Señal News. "We are happy to make people discover it, and we are hopeful that they will like it," she expressed.

Another Only Distrib highlight titles are “Shapers of tomorrow” (12x52’) which starts its second seasons and in where scientists, engineers, researchers, architects, teachers, they are all working towards a better future. The documentary series "Daily science" (13x52’) is brand new and helps people to understand its day life through the lense of science. Although Only Distrib does not have many titles for children, the distributor is offering "Kids’ lab" (37x45’) where the two host explore the society through scientific experiments within everyone’s reach!. "The show is for kids among 8–10 years old, and since this one is science related, we thought it was interesting to target a new audience for us to start diving into from a young age," Voilliot commented.

The Head of Sales & Acquisition at Only Distrib asserted that they've been having demand for science for a long time, but lately, they've seen that more clients are asking for lifestyle, which is making a big comeback. "We have a lot of request of everything related to travel, related to animals, and we’re really happy about it because we built our catalog around this thematic" she affirmed.

Tacking into account the demands of the clients, Only Distrib has started to deal more and more with society topics, current affairs, and a bit of history. "We are interested in seeing content in that field even though people don't know us for that at the moment," said Voilliot. "We will be happy if producers come to us with that kind of content," she affirmed. The executive also reminded that science is a big category for the company. "We are always looking for new programs in that field as well". She also said that Only Distrib not only work with French producers but also with worldwide. "We acquire science content from the Chilean Cabala and we are discussing with Brazilian producers as well at the moment and with Argentinian producers," she admitted.

Only Distrib is still working on every territory as well and it does not have any frontiers. Last year the company attend MIP Cancun for the first time, and they want to keep working in Latin America. "It was nice to meet new people and to meet channels that we didn't have contact with before that. Itwas a great opportunity to get to know what their programming and focus is, as it might be different from the French focus," Voilliot commented. On the other hand, the executive mentioned that they'd still like to be more present is Africa because they work a lot with the continent.

By Romina Rodriguez and Karla Flores