Dandelooo opens a cinema division for kids and families animated films

Dandelooo Cinéma is spearheaded by Luna Sirvin, who will oversee and expand the activities of the new company by acquiring, developing, producing, and marketing animated films.

16 FEB 2024

Luna Sirvin

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Prodco and distributor Dandelooo has launched Dandelooo Cinéma, a new feature film division based at the company’s Paris headquarters and head by Luna Sirvin, who was appointed International Sales & Acquisitions Manager for feature films. She will oversee and expand Dandelooo Cinéma’s activities by acquiring, developing, producing, and marketing animated films for kids and families.

The launches of Dandelooo Cinéma marks a significant milestone in Dandelooo’s commitment to providing unparalleled entertainment to audiences worldwide. Emmanučle Pétry, Co-Founder said, “Entering into the cinema space is a natural progression for Dandelooo. We are passionate about delivering exceptional entertainment and Dandelooo Cinéma allows us to take this commitment to new heights and build and strengthen our content for global audiences”.

Luna Sirvin, International Sales & Acquisitions Manager added, "Despite the challenging environment we feel the need to offer uplifting and meaningful stories. We believe that the quality of an animated film and its message is revealed through the passionate work of local distributors. This in-depth work is the key to meeting today’s biggest challenge: to keep inviting children into movie theaters. As an international sales agent, our mission is to offer ambitious animated films which will inspire and enrich the lives of kids around the world".

Dandelooo Cinéma has a roster of projects in the pipeline for its cinema line up and has just signed the international theatrical rights for three new animated feature films: "Hola Frida!", a 75-minute feature targeted at 5- to 9-year-olds that it is currently in production and is the fictional childhood story of Mexico’s greatest artist, Frida Kahlo. Set for delivery in September 2024, the film is produced by Haut et Court Distribution (France), Tobo Media (Canada), Du Coup Studio Production (Canada), and directed by Karine Veězina and Andreě Kadi. It's the story of a little girl who is different.

Currently in production and set for delivery in May 2025, "Born in the Jungle" (70 minutes), for upper preschool and families is produced by Atom Art (Latvia), Letko (Poland), Hausboot (Czech Republic) and directed by Edmunds Jansons. During the school summer break, nine-year-old Elisabeth joins her family in the Venezuelan rainforest far away from their Latvian homeland. When Mum and Dad fly their plane to the city, Elisabeth volunteers to look after her four-year-old brother Leo. But soon Leo disappears in the thick dark jungle and Elisabeth must bring him back home before their parents return.

Directed by Annecy Jury Prize Winner Hugo de Faucompret and produced by Laďdak Films (France, Germany), Dandelooo (France) and Doghouse Films (Luxembourg) "Granny is a Tree!" (70 minutes), targeted at the 7+ age group is in development and set for delivery in December 2025. Granny Onion, Jane’s whimsical grandmother, has taken one last eternal after-lunch nap. She wrote her last wish in a letter, but Cécile rules against it. Jane, on the other hand, has decided: she will set off on a wild escape to the edge of the tangible world, alongside her granny’s facetious ghost.