Dandelooo and Dream Factory Studio team up for a new original series

"PongPong Dino" is produced by Dream Factory Studio and directed by Tacken Chae. It invites children to discover the world of PongPong Dino, where food is transformed into play.

30 APR 2024

"PongPong Dino"

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Dandelooo has struck a deal with animation IP creator Dream Factory Studio, Korea for the new original preschool series "PongPong Dino" (52x7’), targeted at 2 to 4-year-olds. Produced by Dream Factory Studio and directed by Tacken Chae, the series invites children to discover the world of PongPong Dino where food is transformed into play.

The deal brokered by recently appointed International Sales & Acquisitions Manager Hyeo Jin Moon gives Dandelooo exclusive worldwide distribution rights, excluding China, South Korea and CIS. "We're thrilled to have acquired this scrumptious educational program! Brace yourselves for a mouthwatering adventure filled with laughter, learning, and tantalizing discoveries! Get ready to indulge in every moment of this delectable journey as we dive headfirst into a feast for the imagination with this fun and creative series which kids will love!," said Moon.

"PongPong Dino" encourages children to develop an interest in a wide variety of foods and aims to dispel preconceptions that they may have about nourishment, helping to create a more open-minded approach to eating.

Momo, Titi, Po, Tutu, and Kaka immerse themselves in a world where they swim in giant watermelons, jump on bouncy mushroom trampolines, use juicy lemons as water guns, and even jump rope with stretchy cheese. "PongPong Dino" encourages kids to explore the world of food using their five senses and creative mindsets.

Mac Kim, CEO of Dream Factory added, “'Pongpong Dino' is a great piece of work that allows children to learn emotions and experiences while playing. It is an animation that parents can confidently show to children to convey a positive message that encourages autonomy: a message of 'try anything' instead of 'don't do this'. Meet Pongpong Dino, who learns by playing joyfully with all senses.”