High Hill Entertainment and Sabbatical Entertainment team up to produce a new celebrity counting program full of dynamism and freshness that is part of the offer of both companies in Cancun.


High Hill Entertainment, with great experience in this type of content, celebrates this new alliance because the contribution of Sabbatical Entertainment and its extensive audiovisual library take this already well-known format to a higher level in terms of quality, image and dynamism.

María Elena Useche, president of High Hill said they are certain that they are offering an excellent proposal, because in 2013 they produced Ranking of the Stars, a counting show that was commercialized very successfully in the United States, Latin America, Africa and Europe.

“We are very happy because we managed to do the pilot and because we have the Sabbatical staff. Its exceptional bookstore and the unique style of High Hill, as experts telling stories of celebrities, make ‘10 in 10’ an irresistible option for those looking for a successful, dynamic and varied program. ”

On the other hand, Miguel Somoza, executive director of Sabbatical Entertainment, says that the counts are a proven format of success, but the differentiating factor of 'From 10 to 10' is that it is developed from a much more current perspective and visually exceeds any option previous. "It's a very flexible format that is available in English and Spanish, but it's built in a way that talent can be easily replaced to adapt it to any other language." Additionally, the executive comments that the range of topics that will be covered in “From 10 to 10” is very wide, the favorite destinations of celebrities, gastronomy, sports, there is no issue that is not on the table for this proposal.

Finally, Somoza says that they are very proud to have been able to consolidate this alliance because it represents evolution for Sabbatical. "Being able to work and co-produce with a company like High Hill, which has been successful in this industry for a long time and entering the world of entertainment is a great evolution for us."

The “10 in 10” pilot has five segments of seven minutes each, produced with the flexibility of being able to be used individually on digital platforms.

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