1 APR 2024

Eccho Rights closed a deal with India's Amazon miniTV for Turkish Dramas

It's part of the strategy to bring Turkish audiovisual content closer to Indian audiences. The titles are "Hear Me," "Dreaming of You," and "Love Puzzle".

1 APR 2024

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The independent distributor based in Sweden Eccho Rights has entered a strategic partnership with Amazon miniTV, an AVOD streaming service in India, to bring a selection of Turkish dramas to the streaming landscape in the country. Amongst the varied and diverse projects secured for this deal are "Hear Me", "Dreaming of You" and "Love Puzzle". Next, we will briefly describe each of them.

Firstly, "Hear Me" (66 x 45’) is Produced by Sürec Film for Star TV. When Leyla is paralysed in a hit and run incident, her best friend Ekim takes it upon herself to find the driver. As the culprit  seems to be a student at Doğru High School, a secondary school exclusively for the rich, the principal decides to hand out scholarships to students from Leyla’s neighbourhood, in an effort to bury the news. Ekim, Bekir and Ayşe, are chosen to attend the prestigious school. However, after finding out the truth about the accident, Ekim faces a hard choice between friendship and love.

Secondly, "Dreaming of You" (35 x 34’) is also produced by Sürec Film but for Show TV. The series tells the story of a man who desperately in love with the daughter of one his care home residents. But as he gets closer to his dream girl he finds it harder and harder to tell her how he feels…

FInally, Love Puzzle (15 x 45’) is produced by Gold Film for Show TV.  The story begins when Öykü and her boyfriend Cem are preparing to return home to Turkey to marry having met in London, but on discovering that he has been cheating, Öykü falls in to the arms of another - the only problem is that the new man Ozan, is Cem’s brother…

Melis Hamamcıoğlu, Director of Digital Media Acquisition & Content Sales at Eccho Rights, expressed enthusiasm for this collaboration:We are thrilled to bring these high-quality Turkish dramas to Amazon miniTV in India. Turkish content has immense popularity worldwide, and we believe these titles will resonate well with the Indian audience as well. We are particularly happy to play a role in enhancing the diversification of the streaming options in the region, offering viewers in India a rich tapestry of entertainment choices with our authentic and compelling narratives;" stated.

Commenting on the partnership, Amogh Dusad, Head of Content at Amazon miniTV, said, “We are excited to partner with Echo Rights as part of Amazon miniTV’s ‘Imported’ content category offering - where we promise our customers one new international show every week. Our diverse content library will now also include popular Turkish dramas, dubbed in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. Turkish dramas are known for their great story telling and production quality, and we are thrilled to bring these shows to our viewers," highlighted.