Endemol Shine Italy joins forces with RTI for “Anima Gemella”

Endemol Shine Italy, part of Banijay Italy, will produce four-part series “Anima Gemella” (“Soul Sister” working title) alongside RTI, set for Canale 5.

26 SEP 2022

Daniele Liotti and Francesco Micciche

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Banijay announced Endemol Shine Italy, part of Banijay Italy, will produce “Anima Gemella” (“Soul Sister” working title) alongside RTI. The four-part series set for Canale 5 will be directed by Francesco Miccichè, and stars Daniele Liotti and Chiara Masatalli.

The series follows Carlo, a widower on the brink of proposing to his new partner until a young medium named Nina arrives and makes him question all he has known. When a séance sees her embodied by his deceased wife, nothing will be the same again. Receiving messages from his former partner via the figure, he begins to investigate the events surrounding her death. As the situation escalates, Carlo unearths more than he bargained for and has the opportunity to look inside himself and rethink his views on the supernatural. Continuing their journey, he is confronted with another realization: his feelings for Nina are far from platonic.

“‘Anima Gemella’ is a powerful story which explores love, grief, and self-discovery. The script beautifully conveys these themes whilst also creating a gripping story which I can’t wait for our stellar cast to bring to life,”  commented Leonardo Pasquinelli, CEO of Endemol Shine Italy.

Alongside Rocca and Liotti is a stellar cast including Stefania Rocca and Barbara Bouchet, as well as Alice Torriani, Alice Mangione, Matteo Sintucci, Davide Iacopini, Valentina Corti and Roberto Accornero. “Anima Gemella” is supported by the Film Commission Torino Piemonte and under the patronage of Turin and Lesa.

This new primetime series will build on Endemol Shine Italy’s scripted expertise having produced hit show “The Bride” (La Sposa). Banijay has over 50 scripted labels which produce premium titles around the world, with recent and upcoming series including “Marie Antoinette” (Banijay Studios France), “Rogue Heroes” (Kudos), “Serial Lover” (Shine Fiction), “Heirs to the Land” (Diagonal TV), and “Grantchester” (Tiger Aspect).