FilmRise secured distribution rights of Theorist Inc video libraries from Lunar X

Under the FilmRise Creator Partner Program (CPP), the videos will be distributed on all Free and Pay TV, Ad-Supported Streaming, AVOD and SVOD platforms in all English speaking territories.

4 DEC 2023

Theorist Inc video

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FilmRise has partnered with Lunar X for the rights to the Theorist libraries, which include popular YouTube channels, Game Theory, Film Theory, Food Theory and Style Theory. FilmRise, under its Creator Partner Program (CPP), secured the rights repackage and distribute the libraries, which carry a combined YouTube subscriber base of over 40M for distribution on all Free and Pay Television, Ad-Supported Streaming, AVOD and SVOD platforms in all English-speaking territories including U.S., U.K., Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. The deal further expands the FilmRise Creator Partner Program, which delivers new audiences and global revenue streams to creators.

Each “Theorist" library consists of entertaining, engaging and accessible scientific analyses of the topics at hand. Creator and host Matthew Patrick, aka MatPat, has been nominated for 16 Streamy Awards (winning in Gaming category for The Film Theorists channel in 2016, Editing in 2017, and for Gaming and Writing, respectively, in 2019 and 2021). He hosted The Streamy Awards program in 2023.

Film Theory unearths secrets of the beloved movies and TV shows that define pop culture, tackling a variety of theories and long-standing debates from Disney classics to contemporary blockbusters. The Food Theory video library takes a bite out of anything and everything food related. MatPat takes viewers on a culinary journey from busting food myths and sharing consumer hacks to tackling food challenges and divulging the sometimes-dark back stories of our favorite food mascots. The Game Theory library delves into the lore of popular video game franchises (both indie and mainstream) such as Minecraft, FiveNights at Freddy’s, and Mario to solve hidden mysteries, educate its audience about math and science, and generally teaches everyone to question what they think they know. Style Theory covers the broad topic of style from every angle, approaching beauty as a science and includes, among others, videos ranging from deep dives into the feasibility of using a stiletto as a weapon, to explaining popular trends, to observing the evolution of Halloween costumes over time. FilmRise has scheduled release to AVOD and FAST 3 seasons of Film Theory and 3 seasons of Game Theory for mid-December 2023.

Max Einhorn, SVP, Acquisitions and Co-Productions, comments, “Acquiring the Theorist Inc. libraries marks a significant milestone in our journey towards becoming the premier distributor in the Digital Creator universe. By embracing their exceptional creativity and captivating content we are also strengthening our reputation as the go-to destination for distributing groundbreaking and cutting-edge digital entertainment to streaming platforms worldwide.”