Starring Sherry Hursey, the film is filled with original songs and song contributions by Kenny Loggins, and Steve Dorff.


"Lilly’s Light: The Movie"


FilmRise has acquired worldwide distribution rights to the fun-filled, children’s musical adventure, “Lilly’s Light: The Movie”. Produced by Lilly's Light Productions, the film stars Sherry Hursey (“Home Improvement,” “Bring It On”), and co-stars Mindy Sterling (“Austin Powers,” “iCarly”) Philece Sampler, (“Stanley”), and Fred Willard (“Best In Show,” “Mascots”) among others. 

Danny Fisher, CEO of FilmRise, comments, “’Lilly’s Light: The Movie’ is a great representation of FilmRise’s move into the children’s space. We are confident that this film will speak to parents and children looking for a unique program that promotes open minds and a world of possibilities.”

“Lilly’s Light: The Movie” is filled with original songs and includes song contributions by Oscar-nominated and Emmy, Grammy, Tony Award-winning singer/songwriter Kenny Loggins, and Songwriter Hall of Fame inductee Steve Dorff, who has written nine #1 film songs and 15 Top 10 hits.

FilmRise is teaming up with Gathr at Home for a nationwide virtual theatrical release of “Lilly’s Light: The Movie” kicking off with a live safe at home screening premiere event to coincide with UN International Children’s Day celebrations. 


Sherry Hursey (“Home Improvement,” “Bring It On”) portrays Lilly, a loving foster mom and the keeper of an enchanted lighthouse. With her spirited crew of kids, their exotic talking pets, and zany friends, Lilly, uses joy, love, laughter, and song as her tools, and shows everyone that Life is full of possibilities.

“Lilly’s Light” is filled with original music, sparkling sets, and strong message points to which children can relate. It “shines a light” on the issue of challenges facing foster children. It is an inspiring and uplifting adventure that will capture the hearts and minds of children and adults everywhere.

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