FilmRise to screen "Unsovled Mysteries" special documentary on the US theatres

Special tribute to premiere on October 4th at Alamo Drafthouse theatres to kick off celebration of the 35th Anniversary of the iconic groundbreaking True Crime television series.

8 SEP 2023

"Unsovled Mysteries"

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FilmRise and Alamo Drafthouse Cinema have partnered to promote and commemorate the 35th anniversary of the iconic true crime television series "Unsolved Mysteries" with a one-time only premiere of “Unsolved Mysteries: Behind the Legacy'' on October 4th. The new television special is co-produced by FilmRise and series creators Cosgrove/Meurer Productions.

Fans of the series will be treated to a 90-minute presentation created exclusively for Alamo Drafthouse theatergoers which includes the 60-minute TV special and more than 30 minutes of fan-favorite moments. FilmRise and Cosgrove/Meurer Productions will also host a special VIP invitation only screening event at Alamo Drafthouse’s downtown Los Angeles venue that same evening.

Sal Scamardo, VP of Marketing & Distribution for FilmRise, comments, “In addition to celebrating the 35th anniversary by co-producing this new video tribute, we wanted to honor the fans who have played such an integral role in the success of the series both as fiercely dedicated viewers and as case solvers with their call-in tips. Like the series, Alamo Drafthouse attracts a highly engaged and dedicated audience which makes them the perfect partner to kick off this celebration by screening our special in their unique venues across the country.”

John Smith, Senior Film Programmer for Alamo Drafthouse continues, “I’m one of the many, many millennials whose Wednesday evenings were spent absorbed in 'Unsolved Mysteries', and who, in the present day, have been able to binge these classic episodes thanks to FilmRise. That’s why the opportunity to screen the anniversary special with fellow Stack-olytes at Alamo Drafthouse is truly exciting.”

On the series anniversary date of October 5th, and following the Alamo Drafthouse screening, the one-hour “Unsolved Mysteries: Behind the Legacy” special will be available to stream for free nationwide on AVOD in the U.S. Shortly thereafter, the special will debut on streaming platforms around the world.

Sitting down with co-creators Terry Dunn Meurer and John Cosgrove, along with long-time actors, producers, and directors of the show, the special allows fans to pull back the curtain and experience their favorite cases in a whole new light. The crew divulges behind the scenes stories and covers all aspects of the show from research and casting to solving mysteries soon after episodes aired.

"Unsolved Mysteries" spent 9 seasons on NBC before moving to CBS for two more seasons. Robert Stack’s haunting voice and commanding presence left audiences with chills. "Unsolved" Mysteries was the very first program that enabled audiences to play a role in helping an investigation by submitting a story or sending in a tip which was a novel strategy at the time.