Genius Brands appoints new president of Genius Networks

"Kidaverse Roblox Rumble" is scheduled to premier during Q1 2023 as Todd Steinman takes over his new role as President of Genius Networks. The new creation will include the consolidation of Kartoon Channel!, Frederator Network, and Ameba TV under the new banner.

11 JAN 2023

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Genius Brands International has confirmed the creation of Genius Networks (“GN”), consolidating Kartoon Channel!, Frederator Network, and Ameba TV under the new banner. The company has appointed Todd Steinman to lead the newly created business unit as President, Genius Networks. “There are an expanding number of opportunities to take advantage of, requiring a singular vision to achieve our ambitious goals, and Todd has an impeccable track record for developing and implementing profitable digital entertainment businesses," Genius Brands’ Chairman & CEO Andy Heyward said.

Genius Networks' slate of offerings includes Ad-Free Subscription VOD (“SVOD”), Ad Supported VOD (“AVOD”), Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV (“FAST”) channels, and a network of leading animation creators on the biggest digital platforms in the world (YouTube, Meta, TikTok), averaging over 1 billion views per month. Genius Brands launched Kartoon Channel! in 2020, and it has ranked as the top customer reviewed Apple App Store children’s streaming app ever since. In 2022, the Company acquired Canada’s WOW! Unlimited Media, which brought Frederator Network to the Genius Brands’ family.

“I’m thrilled to take the reins of the newly created Genius Networks and lead operations, content, monetization, and distribution to further accelerate the Company’s consumer facing goals," Steinman said. "We have a very talented, innovative and committed team, and given the current breadth of our brands on a multitude of platforms, we are positioned to drive growth and enhance profitability for each of our brands. Growth must go hand in hand with profitability, and that will be my focus.”

Scheduled to premiere exclusively on Kartoon Channel! on a global scale, "Kidaverse Roblox* Rumble" is one of the titles released by Genius Brands to drive subscription growth, in addition to its Ameba TV acquisition.

Hosted by TV personality and former NFL star, Rashad Jennings, "Kidaverse Roblox Rumble," which will premiere in Q1 2023, is an elimination-style competition reality series featuring a diverse group of girls and boys across the U.S., ages 8 to 12, who compete in 10 different Kidaverse Roblox Rumble games to win prizes and find out who is the ultimate gamer for a $1,000 grand prize!   

Roblox is a free-to-play online game platform and game design system with over 164 million active users and is popular among the kids’ demographic that watch Kartoon Channel!  Kidaverse Roblox Rumble games were developed by Kartoon Channel! using the Roblox platform. “Our Kartoon Channel! audience is crazy about the Roblox platform and games," David Neuman, Chief Creative Officer at Genius Brands’ Kartoon Channel! Worldwide said. "And, we have observed that any video-game-related content performs especially well with our young audience.  So it was a no-brainer for us to lean into this enthusiasm and develop an original competition reality series using the Roblox platform, which will help us engage with our audience while they’re watching Kartoon Channel! and while they’re gaming on Roblox.”

Jennings is known for his work as a former NFL star, TV personality, author and philanthropist. “Being a gamer for many years, Roblox fan, and committed to positively inspiring kids, Kidaverse Roblox Rumble is the ultimate opportunity to use my skills to reinforce positive values, including playing one’s best, good sportsmanship, and a “never give up” attitude, while having fun," he said. "I love that the series ends each episode with my signature encouragement that any player who embodies these values has “never lost!” I look forward to being a part of this special series where kids can enjoy watching other kid gamers compete for fun prizes, and for bragging rights to the enviable “ultimate gamer” title.”