Gusto TV features ten new and returning series for its winter slate

All the titles totalling 50 Hours of new productions that will be premiered later this year.

30 JAN 2024

Gusto TV

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Gusto TV has greenlit production on 10 new and returning series for a total of 50 hours of new production for its winter 23/24 slate. One of them is "Gusto TV Studios Presents", an anthology consisting of separate but related shows in which various hosts showcase their talent, passion, and creativity through different applications of culinary, beauty, and wellness techniques. The upcoming Gusto TV Studios Presents shows include "Bring on the Karbs", "Eva’s Bee", "Inside & Out", "Mucho Machado", "The Lineup: Cheeseburgers of the World, Food News, Corktales", and "Zach Kinda Cooks."

"Bring on the Karbs" (6x60) is a food show like audiences have never seen. Chefs (and real-life husband and wife) Erika and Josh Karbelnik show us that food really is the language of love!

"Eva’s Bee" (8x30) is a bubbly and fun food show where in each episode, Eva picks a particular ‘B’ – bacon, butter, etc. – and creates wholesome dishes to fit the theme to a B!

"Inside & Out" (8x30) embark on a whimsical wellness journey of yoga, nutrition escapades, DIY health and beauty wizardry, and mystical tarot readings, all guided by four hosts who lead the audience through a tapestry of vibrant and holistic lifestyle experiences.

In "Mucho Machado" (8x30), chef Natalia Machado prepares dishes in real-time, offering viewers an engaging glimpse into both on-set and off-set kitchen dynamics, with four episodes in English and four in Spanish.

"The Lineup: Cheeseburgers of the World, Food News, Corktales" (8x30): The Lineup indulges in "Corktales" for captivating bar tales, "Food News" with a twist on food-centric happenings, and "Cheeseburgers of the World" where cheeseburger creations from around the globe are shared.

"Zach Kinda Cooks" (8x30), an off-beat, slow-paced food show. Lazy and curmudgeonly chef and ex-Gusto writer Zac cooks his signature brand of over-the-top comfort food.

"BLITZ!" Season 3 (10x60): Hectic, frantic, and gonzo best describes this series where guest chefs romp through their favorite recipes while discussing everything from restaurant secrets to food trivia.

In "Feed My Soul…V!" (14×30) Vanessa Gianfrancesco stars in a new series all about food, family and jaw-dropping tablescapes.

In "The Wizard of Whatever" (14×30) Kyle Crawford dazzles with 5-star dishes while holding forth on pop culture, fashion, lifestyle, travel and music. Featuring the return of three on-screen AI-generated characters.

"At the Gusto Studios, we’re always working on our next show as 100% of the content on our channel is produced in-house," said Chris Knight, President and CEO of Gusto Worldwide Media. "I’m really excited about these new shows, they’re going to make an outstanding addition to our 2024 lineup."