Hallmann Entertainment releases trailer of Kate Winslet’s new film "DreamScapes"

The documentary title is a "United Earth Project" captured by more than 250 of the most talented videographers from over 100 countries.




Austria-based Hallmann Entertainment reveals the first look trailer for its new groundbreaking documentary film "DreamScapes" starring Academy Award-Winner Kate Winslet. The title is a "United Earth Project" captured by more than 250 of the most talented videographers from over 100 countries. The epic journey transcends geographical boundaries and cultural differences to showcase the planet's stunning beauty and diversity through a symphony of visuals and music. The film is primarily dedicated to future generations to showcase the importance to treat our planet with care.

Kate Winslet, narrator of "DreamScapes", says, “I felt so excited to be part of something that was not focused on underlining the declining world but really amplifying the beautiful natural world that is still there. And we all have this shared responsibility to protect it. Being able to give my voice to something that felt very unique, very beautiful and very special was something I immediately my heart was drawn to it straight away.”

Kate Winslet’s narration as "Mother Earth" weaves tales of resilience, diversity, and interconnectedness, reinforcing the importance of preserving our shared heritage for future generations. At the heart of "DreamScapes" is the mesmerizing orchestral score by Edwin Wendler with participation of the world-renowned Vienna Boys Choir and Vienna Girls Choir, providing a powerful and dynamic backdrop to the breathtaking visuals.

Klemens Hallmann, founder of Hallmann Entertainment, comments, "Bringing together so many talented artists from so many different countries resulted in a multi-year editing and music composing process where all of us put a lot of heart and soul. To have an internationally renowned actress supporting our project is a real asset. Kate understands and values the natural world just as much as we do, which was deeply important for us."

The documentary employs cutting-edge technology, including time-lapse sequences and aerial shots captured by drones, to unveil the world's most awe-inspiring landscapes, from below the surface of our oceans to coasts, vast expanses of deserts, lush plains and forests, majestic peaks, and up into the everchanging skies, inspiring a sense of wonder and appreciation for the planet we call home.

The film was written and directed by Christian Machacek and co-written by Larissa Kamtner. It was produced by Klemens Hallmann and executive-produced by Patrick Knapp-Schwarzenegger and Harro von Have.

Christian Machacek, director/writer of "DreamScapes", adds, “The inspiration for this documentary about Mother Earth originated from a profound realization during the pandemic. The global crisis underscored the interconnectedness of humanity and nature. With limited travel options, we redirected our focus to explore and showcase our planet's extraordinary beauty, resilience, and environmental challenges. The pandemic served as a catalyst, highlighting the urgency of addressing environmental issues, making it an easy decision to bring all these talented people together and share their amazing pictures with the world.”