Intramovies announced new sales for “Paradise Is Burning”

The Italian company reached deals to distribute the Swedish film in the UK, Ireland, Eastern Europe, Portugal, Brazil and South Korea.

13 MAY 2024

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Italian film distribution company Intramovies announced new sales for Swedish title "Paradise is Burning", as reported by Variety. Following its success at Venice, the company has secured deals with Conic in the UK and Ireland, HBO Max for Eastern Europe, Leopardo Filmes in Portugal, Providence/Belas Artes Grupo in Brazil, and Mongsang in South Korea. These recent sales add to the momentum generated by earlier agreements with Epicentre Films in France, Fandango Distribution in Italy, Stendahl Films in Spain, Angel Films in Denmark, and Cinemanse in Finland. Swedish arthouse specialist TriArt handled the film's domestic release.

Jihyun Min, CEO of Mongsang, said: “The very talented Swedish director Mika Gustafson has brilliantly captured a portrait of adolescence. ‘Paradise Is Burning’ is vibrant and visually stunning but simultaneously deep and fragile. We couldn’t imagine any other actress but Bianca Delbravo for Laura, who incredibly performs her struggles with the overwhelming reality of family and the ambivalent feelings for love. We are fascinated by this compelling work and thrilled to present it to Korea.”

Behind the scenes, "Paradise is Burning" was brought to life through a collaborative effort involving producers from Sweden, Italy, Denmark, and Finland. Nima Yousefi of Hobab Productions spearheaded the project in Sweden, with co-producers Marco Valerio Fusco and Micaela Fusco representing Intramovies in Italy.

“Paradise is Burning” takes place in a working-class area of Sweden, where sisters Laura (16), Mira (12) and Steffi (7), get by on their own, left to their own devices by an absent mother. With summer on the way and no parents around, life is wild and carefree, vivacious and anarchic. But when social services call a meeting, Laura has to find someone to impersonate their mom, or the girls will be taken into foster care and separated. Laura keeps the threat a secret, so as not to worry her younger sisters. But as the moment of truth draws closer, new tensions arise, forcing the three sisters to negotiate the fine line between the euphoria of total freedom and the harsh realities of growing up.