7 OCT 2021

ITV Formats Festival: Four new shows for global buyers

"Walk the Line", "Ready to Mingle", "Sitting on a Fortune" and "The Voice: Generations" are the highlighted new shows that the company presented in its traditional Formats Festival.


ITV Formats Festival has back again with new fresh shows. ITV Studios has presented four big, new and highly anticipated shows that promise to catch global audiences. The first one is "Walk the Line", a musical game show co-produced between Lifted Entertainment and SYCO entertainment and set to launch later this year. "It's a combination of a music show and a game show with a twist. I can guarantee a lot of talent and a lot of drama", anticipated Simon Cowell,  SYCO entertainment's founder.

Another ITV fresh and new format is "Sitting on a Fortune", a game show where six contestants battle for a place in the money sit. The format was presented last year, but it was postponed due to the pandemic. Fortunately the production started last month, and It will be broadcasted later this year. "It's such a simple game, all you need to play it is six chairs" Glenn Hugill, creator of the show and MD at Possessed mentioned.

ITV Studios also introduced "Ready to Mingle", a dating game show in which a single girl searches for a perfect partner, as well as "The Voice Generations", a new edition of the worldwide successful The Voice franchise. The show invites singers and musician from all generations to perform as a group in The Voice arena. The participants can be not only family members but also talented friends, relatives, colleagues and teammates. David Mott, CEO and MD ITV Studios Australia commented, "We think 'The Voice Generations' will be an incredible success, the tone is right, it will reunite family together but also all people together from all generations performing together for the very first time".

Arjan Pomper, COO Global Entertainment, ITV Studios, spoke with Señal News about its favourite fresh formats. "At this moment, 'Ready to Mingle' is one of my favourites, because it has all the ingredients to come to success. We see global trends are, indeed, talents, cooking, dating and reality and dating is really working at this moment, but we found a new angle, is a combination of a dating show with a game show".  The executive also has affirmed that "'Ready to Mingle' is a format that we could do more than TV only, we create a TV show but also digital content, social content, and this format cover all the elements we think formats should look like". Pomper also commented that to create this format they took learnings from "Love Island", one of the most ITV successful shows, and applied in "Ready to Mingle" and implemented it. "If our clients are going to buy the format, they'll get the full package", he said.

"The Voice" is still growing. "The Voice" Senior scored high numbers in The Netherlands, and it's also a great success in Italy, where a second season was commissioned. On the other hand, Ariana Grande joint "The Voice" in the US and "The Voice All stars" is a great success in France, Finland and many countries are set to follow. In addition, "The Voice Comeback Stage" has been picked up in eight countries.

Las year, the English version of "I'm a Celebrity...Get me Out of Here" was recorded in an abandoned castle, but ITV also has the jungle locations available. The Russian recorded the program recently in South Africa and Finland will go to South America, Besides, Romania will return to the jungle as well after seven years. From Finland to Australia, from Romania to French Canada, "Love Island" is becoming so big now broadcasting and streaming on all continents while "Let Love Rule" is a big success in Portugal and new seasons are expected in the UK and Germany.