KO Distribution sells Lustitia Productions' “Extreme Couples Challenge” format in Europe

The new original unscripted/challenge series heads to Germany, France and Finland.

24 JAN 2024

"Extreme Couples Challenge"

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KO Distribution and Aroma-TV have lined-up several new option deals, securing partners in Germany (Seapoint), France (Coyote Conseil) and Finland (Solar Republic OY) for their new unscripted/adventure/survival series "Extreme Couples Challenge", a Lustitia Productions original format produced in collaboration with Bell Media and financed with the precious help of the Quebecor Fund.

Each episode (Season 1: 8 x 46 minutes) features a couple who is literally parachuted into a hostile environment, and must endure more than 36 hours of survival challenges. The experience is carefully designed by a psychologist and a survival expert based on how the couple answers specific questions, as well as an individual evaluation of each partner. Outside of their comfort zone, each couple also receives invaluable advice from both experts beforehand. Their performance when faced with the challenges is analyzed and commented on by the experts, assisted by the show’s host.

“We are so pleased by the response and interest we’ve gained on this newest production, especially in follow-up to the series being presented at the 'Cracking Audience Trends' conference at MIPCOM 2023,” noted Mia Desroches, Vice President of International Distribution, KO Distribution. “We anticipate to announce more international deals in the near future as more producers and broadcasters see the great potential this series has on a local level to bring an entertaining and engaging new series to their own audiences.”