22 APR 2024

Mia Desroches: "’Zenith’ is the next big music competition"

The Vice-President, Global Sales & Partnerships of KO Distribution highlights the global potential of the format, presents a new title and reflects about the use of AI in production.

22 APR 2024

Mia Desroches

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Canadian KO Distribution recently announced the first international remake of the singing competition "Zenith" in Spain. The format will be adapted by Catalonia’s 3Cat thought a deal bartered by Lavinia Audiovisual and will be shooting next fall. "We had the visit from the producer and the director. They came to Montreal to see the studio and how we were doing things, so it's very exciting," asserted Mia Desroches, Vice-President, Global Sales & Partnerships of KO Distribution to Señal News. Different to one-hour Canadian show, Catalonian program will be two-hours. "In Europe, networks generally prefer to do these kinds prime-time shows in longer versions, so it's going to be interesting also to see how they're going to adjust the mechanic," she expressed.

KO Distribution also announces new format deals for "Zenith" with Bandicoot in the United Kingdom and Eureka Productions in Australia, and soon will announce an option with a big player in the USA. In Canada, the company has been doing two seasons so far and has confirmed a third season. "It's very positive, we were number one throughout the seasons. It's working really well and we just hope it's going to be the next music competition, next big IP that will make all over the world,” she asserted.

“Zenith” takes the stage as a larger-than-life musical competition, set in a grand arena where four artists from different generations compete weekly in a 60-minute extravaganza. The format unfolds in front of 100 spectator-judges representing Gen Z, Gen Y, Gen X, and the Boomers. Each week, the artists deliver breathtaking performances, seamlessly blending chart-toppers from various eras. “We're making the show live, which is also really fun, festive but also stressful due to switch between all the choreography, but that's what makes the show so magic and special as well,” she said.

KO Distribution is also highlighting the documentary series "Teenagers" that was in competition at Canneseries. A film crew followed ten teens for five years. These young people, barely out of childhood, become teenagers before our very eyes. They generously share their dreams, passions and challenges. "It's fascinating in a sense that it's their voice. It's teenagers talking to teenagers. It's extremely touching," said Desroches.

KO Distribution Vice-President, Global Sales & Partnerships mentioned that Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing and like humans did with the Internet, "we're going to learn to use it". "The smart thing is to embrace this new technology and to use it properly so it doesn't become cheating," she expressed. "It's more a tool that we use to make what we're already making better and sometimes maybe cheaper, but in the respect of the creativity and the ideas that are still coming from us," she affirmed.