Series Mania 2023: KO Distribution to present a diversity of Canadian series

The Montreal's distributor to showcase new programs as "Double Fault" and "Fragments" as well returning series and three brand-new short form series.

14 MAR 2023

"Double Fault"

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KO Distribution is set to present a line-up of new and returning programs to international buyers at the Series Mania Festival and Forum. Programs being showcased include the dramas "Double Fault" (KOTV); "Fragments" (Amalga); and new episodes of returning series, "Conversation with My Parents" (Amedia), with pre-sales for the sixth season which is currently in production. The company will introduce three exciting new short form series, "Martine at the Beach" (KOTV); "The Knights of the Light" (KOTV) and "Garbage" (Koze Productions).

Attending this year’s Series Mania from KO Distribution are Mia Desroches, Vice President, Global Distribution, KOTV, Vice-President of Drama and partner at KOTV Marie-Hélène Lebeau-Taschereau as well as sales agent Barbara Vallant (Aroma TV). They will be available at the Québec Créatif stand.

"Double Fault" (8x60') is a compelling drama mini-series that tells the story of Charles, a talented professional tennis player whose career is off to a good start. However, through a combination of the pressures of the game, anxiety, addiction, and a mother with an excessive and misplaced ambition, his dreams of becoming a world champion are dashed.

"Fragments" (10x60') is a multi-layered and intimate chronicle of a group of old friends, who, after more than thirty years of not seeing each other, meet up again in some rather unusual circumstances. This intimate thought-provoking series shows the viewer how the choices we make can have a ripple effect on all those around us and the people we love the most.

"Conversation with my Parents" (Season 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 13x30' | Season 6: 13x30' in production). The series features phone calls between son François, a comedian who now lives far from the family home, and his parents who relentlessly gripe about the bad habits of other family members; divulge the not-always-necessary details about their week ahead; share the status of former friends and neighbors, and debate whether an acquaintances new dog is actually gray, not black.

"Martine at the Beach" (8x10') Martine Racra’s life lacks focus. Between her family’s above-ground pool and an absent father, the fourteen-year-old is bored—until her optometrist neighbour, Gilbert Marcel, prescribes her first pair of glasses. Martine falls madly in love. To see him again she intentionally damages her eyes. Looking through the distortion of her new glasses, she sees love everywhere.

"The Knights of the Light" (8x10') Phil and Olly spend yet another night smoking pot and playing video games in the basement of Philip’s mother’s house. Phil is starting to get tired of their routine. He is distraught after an encounter with Audrey, who has suffered an injustice. He decides to help his old high school friend by writing an open letter to the local newspapers. Oliver, who tends to have somewhat more extreme ideas, proposes that they instead, post a video suggesting that a conspiracy is behind the injustice to really stir the pot and make things happen.

"Garbage" (12x10') When bombs go off simultaneously at landfill sites and sorting centres all over the world, ecoterrorism group Revert claims responsibility for the attacks. In order to ensure people’s safety, the Mayor of Montreal suspends all garbage collection services, thus turning the city into a gigantic dumping ground.