Korean SLL's series "SKY Castle" to be remade in Japan

This remake marks the first collaboration between SLL and TV Asahi after signing an MOU in May, and the show is scheduled to premiere in July.

8 JUL 2024

"SKY Castle"

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The hugely popular series "SKY Castle" from Korea's SLL will get a Japanese remake, marking the first collaboration between SLL and TV Asahi. Scheduled to premiere in July, "SKY Castle" describes all the ins and outs of how the noblewomen make their children enter the top university.

Unlike the Korean original, which dealt with a university entrance exam, the Japanese remake will focus on a high school entrance exam, reflecting the reality of the Japanese education system. The remake will star actors like Nao Matsushita, Fumino Kimura, and Higa Manami.

Park Joon-suh, President of the Production Unit at SLL, said, "We are pleased to announce this meaningful collaboration following our partnership with TV Asahi. Starting with the 'SKY Castle' drama remake, we will continue to plan, develop, and produce works competitive in the global market."