LA Screenings 2023: The Kitchen mourns the death of its director in Mexico

Enrique Cabra Garduza recently passed away after battling a terminal illness, and his son Diego Cabra will take over at The Kitchen Mexico.


Enrique Cabra Garduza


After struggling with a long illness, Enrique Cabra Garduza, director of The Kitchen Mexico, passed away two days ago. The entire The Kitchen team mourns his departure and acknowledges his hard work leading the Mexico office. "When we met Enrique we found out he was sick, he could barely speak, but he was still directing until not long ago," said Deeny Kaplan, the company's Executive Vice President. "We're all going to miss him terribly, but at the same time, we knew he was inviting Diego, his son, to take over," she said.

"My dad had a pretty long history with the disease, but he never stopped working," said Diego Cabra. "When he started The Kitchen Mexico, he asked me to help him and I anticipated that sooner or later I'm going to have to take control,".  The new director of The Kitchen México affirmed that despite this difficult situation they are experiencing, the office is growing. "Spanish is the most sought-after first language after English, which is why we have the opportunity to work with a variety of projects," said Cabra. The executive also highlighted the success of anime in Mexico and the large fan base that the genre has in the country. "All the well-known anime actors are in Mexico City, and they have all worked with us and people from Latin America love it," he said.

Artificial intelligence is on everyone's lips today and generates both rejection and fear, as well as acceptance, in the audiovisual industry. Ken Lorber, President and CEO of The Kitchen remarked that artificial intelligence may be challenging in the future, but not today. "There is an improvement in the technology, but the legal aspect is still very complicated," he said.

The executive noted that the industry's voice actors are not developing their voices on AI, and for AI to be created, voices are needed, so "there is a conflict on this point," Lorber said. "It will be a very interesting progression and I accept it because some technical aspects of AI will help us to reduce costs, but I know that there are many challenges involved," he said.