Lineup Industries' "Taboo" format arrives in Israel for the first time

The ground-breaking format was commissioned by public broadcaster Kan and produced by Yoav Gross Productions.

6 SEP 2021
Imagen Kinetic Content adquirió los derechos para Estados Unidos de Taboo

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Lineup Industries has sold its ground-breaking format "Taboo" to Israel for the first time, commissioned by public broadcaster Kan and produced by Yoav Gross Productions"Taboo" explores the boundaries of what is considered acceptable humour, and it is also set for a third season on Ztele in Canada and has recently been commissioned for a local version by TV2 in Denmark, where it is produced by Monday Production Denmark.

Additionally, "Taboo" has been commissioned for a second season by original broadcaster VRT in Belgium, as well as Spain’s TV3. Local versions have also been produced in Australia on Network 10 and SFR in Switzerland.

Ed Louwerse, co-founder of Lineup Industries, said: “In a world where there’s a considerable volume of ground-breaking content, it’s really something to stand out with a truly unique format that creates debate and talking-points wherever it airs. 'Taboo' charts difficult untried territory, taking viewers out of their comfort zones while balancing shock and humour in a sensitive and ultimately life affirming way.”

Yoav Gross Productions stated: “'Taboo' is the kind of television project that challenges the discourse and pushes the boundaries in terms of innovation. We are proud and excited to produce a season of such a successful format and believe that viewers of KAN will get to watch bright, brave and fascinating TV.”

Originally created by Panenka, "Taboo" launched in Belgium on VRT where it won a phenomenal 61% share, with even the Belgian Prime Minister weighing in on the conversation on social media. In Australia, 'Taboo' received standout reviews for the ‘beautiful’ and ‘uplifting’ way it tackled its subject.

In each episode of "Taboo", a famous comedian tests the boundaries of comedy and good taste. They perform a unique routine which in each show challenges a subject judged too taboo to laugh at. The difference is that in this show they will have sourced the material directly from those affected, be it blindness, obesity or physical disabilities - and what’s more the target group will be at the show.