Game Show Network orders 100 more episodes of Lineup Industries' "SWITCH"

The half-hour gameshow is produced by DIGA Studios in the US and started airing on Game Show Network in January this year.




Lineup Industries announces fast-moving trivia gameshow "Switch" has been recommissioned for 100 more episodes by Game Show Network, the leader in game shows and competitive entertainment. The half-hour format is produced by DIGA Studios in the US, and started airing on Game Show Network from January this year, with actor Jeff Hephner (“For All Mankind”) as host.

In "Switch", five players begin the game by taking positions behind large numbers from one to five. After a trivia question is asked, players with correct answers move towards the number one spot, and players with incorrect answers move towards the number five spot. The goal of the game is to finish the third round of questions in the number one position, thus winning the game and earning the right to play the bonus round for $10,000.

"Switch" is based on a format developed by Panenka for VRT in Belgium and distributed globally by Lineup Industries.

Ed Louwerse and Julian Curtis, founders of Lineup Industries, said: “'Switch" is an ideal access or daily primetime entertainment show. It’s simple and exciting to play and watch with a distinctive visual leader board style - one look at the screen, and you can tell who’s winning and who’s losing by where they are standing on the set. It’s compelling, fast-paced family-viewing entertainment and the success on Game Show Network and other broadcasters internationally underscores this wide appeal.”