MIPTV 2024: GRB Media Ranch sold “Blind Dating” format to Africa’s ABY Media and acquired “Medical Stories”

During MIPTV, the distributor announced sales and acquisitions of new contents.

10 APR 2024

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GRB Media Ranch President, Sophie Ferron announced the Format sale of “Blind Dating” to Africa’s ABY Media and the acquisition of four-time Emmy®-winning docu-series “Medical Stories”. Produced by Inventi Media Group and airing on PBS, this production has 39 episodes (39x30’) currently available.

Sophie Ferron stated: "The format sale of 'Blind Dating' is especially meaningful to me. I grew up on the set of this series, as my father created and produced it in Canada. It remained a huge hit and was remade twice for new generations. He passed away last year and would be proud to see it travel. I thank GRB Media Ranch’s Liz Levenson for closing this deal with Bernard Azria of ABY Media for many African territories. We are also excited to have acquired Emmy®-winning docu-series, 'Medical Stories' which clearly underlines our commitment to delivering diverse and compelling narratives. We are here at MIP to discuss all our fantastic properties. At GRB Media Ranch, we've got stories.”

Kimberley Azria of ABY Media mentioned: “ABY Media is very happy to have acquired this special format from our partners at GRB Media Ranch. We know that it will be a popular show in Africa with many audiences!”

Brian Chris Capozzi, Inventi Media Group’s Executive Producer and Director, added: “Inventi Media Group is thrilled that GRB Media Ranch is representing our award-winning series 'Medical Stories' for distribution. Their expertise in the global marketplace is well-known and respected. With them, we are confident that viewers in other parts of the world will soon be experiencing the heartfelt and dramatic stories from our series.”

Bob Buruchian, Inventi Media Group’s Executive Producer and Director, stated: “GRB Media Ranch's global representation of our 'Medical Stories' series is a source of great excitement for our team. With their esteemed expertise, we're confident our compelling narratives will captivate audiences worldwide."

In “Blind Dating”, three single men and three single women must make the perfect match to win a date. In each episode, without seeing each other, the participants must find their love by answering personal questions while digging for clues – and some dirt – on social media. Audiences will watch these singles try to impress, get picked and go home with a mate.

“Medical Stories” captures the experiences of medical and emergency personnel and their heroic actions and extraordinary measures taken while battling life-threatening conditions of critically ill or injured patients. The series follows their emotional journeys as individuals as they navigate their way through illnesses and injuries, often unknown, from the moment of receiving an accurate diagnosis to seeking out support. In-depth commentary is included from renowned medical experts and researchers, providing valuable insight into baffling conditions and the cutting-edge techniques used in developing novel treatments. These intertwined narratives offer viewers a message of hope, empowerment, and awareness of diseases that are often overlooked both by the public and the medical community.