Nippon TV and Ah Production finalize a deal for "Silent Library" format

The French adaptation of entertainment unscripted program to air on MYTF1 MAX, the TF1’s online platform, beginning on April 15.


"Silent Library"


Nippon TV announce that French production company Ah! Production has finalized the production of the French-language version of Nippon TV’s entertainment unscripted format “Silent Library”. Titled “Silent Library-Si tu fais du bruit… C'est fini!-" (If you make noise, you lose!), 8 episodes will start to stream on MYTF1 MAX, the TF1’s online platform from April 15th, 2022.

"Silent Library" has been a successful original segment on the long-running entertainment show "Downtown No Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!" airing on Nippon TV. During the show, all sorts of silly and bizarre pranks are given to the contestants; however, they must keep silent and not burst out laughing at all times no matter what happens because the show takes place in a library. The show has also been successful as an unscripted format internationally and has already been licensed to more than 15 countries including the US, the UK, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium and most recently, Thailand, Vietnam, and Mongolia.

Mikiko Nishiyama, Managing Director, International Business Development, Nippon TV: “For many years, 'Silent Library' has triggered waves of laughter throughout Japan and is a legend among show segments. Following local versions in over 15 countries, it is an incredible honor to have the charms of this unscripted format be recognized in France at an opportune moment when the streaming market is transforming drastically. I have no doubt it will be a successful title that leaves countless viewers in stitches.”

Antoine Henriquet, founder and CEO of Ah! Production: “We are very excited by this adaptation of Silent Library. We have always been very fond of this format and cannot wait for the French audience to discover it and have as much fun watching it as we did, making it!”

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