NHK Enterprises has acquired rights to NTV’s period drama "Noble Detective" and the channel AXN Mystery is set to air the series in February 2021. Moreover, Trans World Associates has bought VOD rights to NTV’s hit thriller "Schubert".

Imagen Timur Weinstein de NTV será miembro de Academia Internacional de Artes y Ciencias de la Televisión

Timur Weinstein, Productor General de NTV Broadcasting


NHK Enterprises, the business arm of NHK, Japan's leading public broadcaster, has acquired rights to NTV’s period drama "Noble Detective", to be aired on AXN Mystery in Japan. NHK Enterprises is one of the largest production houses in Japan and handles the distribution and acquisition for NHK whilst also acquiring a range of TV programs for non-NHK partners, including AXN Mystery. Operated by Sony Pictures Entertainment, AXN Mystery is an entertainment channel specializing in the mystery genre. AXN Mystery delivers plenty of quality mystery dramas from all over the globe. The channel is going to air NTV's show in February 2021.

Trans World Associates, a major Japanese distributor, has bought VOD rights to NTV’s hit thriller "Schubert". Established in 1967, Trans World Associates, Inc. licenses content for most of Japanese VOD-platforms. The company handles international and domestic distribution of feature films and TV programs. In Japan, Trans World Associates operates across all media and platforms: TV, Internet, and mobile. ‘Schubert’ with Japanese subtitles is set to appear in company’s catalogue shortly. While this is the first time an Asian market player acquires the rights to "Noble Detective", "Schubert" is having its second acquisition of rights. It is available on BiliBili, China’s biggest online platform.

Asian audiences are already familiar with NTV’s TV shows. Indian content distributor GoQuest Media purchased the international rights to action-packed NTV shows "Paper Pusher" and "The Policeman’s Wife" in 2019. Thanks to Arait Multimedia, Vietnamese TV viewers have an opportunity to watch the drama series "Countdown". PPTV (Thailand) is set to run "The Road to Calvary" series. “It’s been four years since we have been vigorously promoting our projects in the international markets. Asia is one of the most important markets for us. Few Russian TV shows have been aired on Asian channels so far but we can see the growing interest for Russian content, especially action-packed crime stories and period dramas, from Asian players and TV viewers. We, like no one else in Russia, are successful in producing TV shows like that. I am sure the company will be expanding its presence on Asian markets,” Timur Weinstein, NTV's General Producer, stated.

NTV also actively purchases Asian content. This spring, a Russian adaptation of hit South Korean format "The King of Mask Singer" aired on NTV. The show became the key broadcasting event of 2020 (the share of the final episode was 28.5%, with 10.7 TVR), the best entertainment show on Russian television since early 2017, and the best music TV show in the last 7 years. NTV has also acquired the popular Asian TV series formats "Innocent Defendant," "Hidden Identity," and "Strangers". 

NTV content is in high demand in other international markets. The channel’s projects are available in dozens of countries on the largest global streaming services and channels, in international distributor’s catalogs, and on various VOD services including BiliBili, Amazon Prime Video, and TenTime. In 2018, "The Road to Calvary" series was added to the Netflix library becoming the first commercial deal of a Russian TV channel with one of the world’s high-profile streaming services. The series was also successfully launched on ERT3 (Greece). Quite recently, the Hungarian RTL and the Polish group of companies Wirtualna Polska have acquired the rights to the "Shepherd". Previously, the series was aired on Kazakhstan’s KTK with great success. Global Agency, a major global market player, has bought the rights to "Aria of the Doomed", a period action-packed drama. The "Secret for a Million" entertainment format is distributed by Banijay Group. Recently, the TV show’s adaptation has been successfully aired on ARB TV in Azerbaijan.​

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