Paramount+ finished shooting its original film “Love is Love”

Produced by Viacom International Studios (VIS) in association with el Estudio and Infinity Hill, the film stars actor and producer Rob Schneider.

25 MAY 2022

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Paramount+ wrapped filming “Love is Love”, its new original film. Produced by Viacom International Studios (VIS) in association with El Estudio and Infinity Hill, the movie is directed by actor and producer Rob Scheider in his Spanish-language directorial debut.
The cast of “Love is Love” includes Vadhir Derbez, Paulina Davila and Christian Vazquez. Set in 90’s Mexico, the romatic comedy tells the story of Enrique (Vadhir Derbez), a Mexican telenovela star who is about to sign a contract with a major television network. The company president, Roger (Rob Schneider), finds photos of Enrique with Marcelo (Christian Vazquez), his faithful gay partner. To move forward with the contract, Roger asks Enrique to fake a relationship with Sofía (Paulina Davila), a pop singer, to keep his public image intact. However, when he loses his memory in an accident, Enrique will be manipulated by others’ interests.
The film joins the list of projects that Paramount+ produced in Latin America, such as “The Envoys”, “Cecilia” and “Susana, Invitada de Honor”.