PGS Entertainment secures global broadcast deals for "Momonsters"

The broadcasters who have acquired the series include Mediacorp in Singapore, Myndform in Iceland, and Canal+ Poland in Poland, among various others.

23 AUG 2023

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PGS Entertainment has announced a series of international broadcast agreements for its popular animated series, "Momonsters." “We’re thrilled by the success of Momonsters and eagerly await the audience’s response to the forthcoming releases," Guillermo Velasco, Co-founder and Executive Producer of Big Bang Box, said. "With the TV Movie due this year and the next season’s production slated for early 2024, our collaboration with PGS to expand the Momonsters universe remains robust.“

The broadcasters, which include Mediacorp in Singapore, Myndform in Iceland, and Canal+ Poland in Poland, all of whom have acquired rights to 2 seasons of the show, will help will extend the series' reach to over 70 countries. Other partaking in the exansion of the series include RSI in Switzerland and Edye in LATAM have both secured the rights to Season 1, while Jeem (Middle East) has acquired rights to Season 2, These international partnerships reflect the global appeal of Momonsters, a production by Big Bang Box and co-produced by RTVE. 

The series has been successful since its inception, recently achieving a notable milestone by topping Clan’s YouTube channel from January to May 2023.  In addition, a TV Movie based on the title is slated for a late 2023 premiere in Spain and the launch of Season 3 in 2024. The show’s success has also been reflected in its merchandise sales, with plush toys from Bandai topping their category in sales on Amazon Spain. Additionally, licensing agreements with Televisa and El Ocho were secured to boost fan engagement.

"Momonsters" follows the exciting adventures of a colorful group of monsters. The series perfectly blends comedy, mystery, and heartwarming storytelling to encourage children to embrace their individuality, promote teamwork, and foster friendships. These values have made it a global family favorite and continue to drive its success. “The substantial expansion of ‘Momonsters’ is indeed noteworthy," Philippe Soutter, Co-founder of PGS Entertainment, said. "We’re optimistic about the enhanced visibility our show will gain through these new partnerships.”