Sheryl Sandberg to host “Screams Before Silence” doc produced by Kastina Communications

The film shoot in Israel has already been completed and describes sexual violence acts committed by Hamas on October 7th.


"Screams Before Silence" (credit:Ran Mendelson)


Sheryl Sandberg, former COO of Meta and founder of, has traveled to Israel to conduct on-camera interviews for the documentary film, “Screams Before Silence,” produced by Kastina Communications, shedding light on the multitude of sexual atrocities committed by Hamas terrorists.

During the October 7th attacks on Israeli towns and at the Nova Music Festival, women and girls were raped, assaulted, and mutilated in a brutal rampage of gender-based violence. In the past few weeks, released hostages have revealed that sexual assaults were also inflicted on Israeli hostages while in captivity. Despite the indisputable evidence, these atrocities have received little scrutiny from human rights groups and international organizations. Many leading figures in politics, academia, and media have attempted to minimize, or even deny they occurred.

To continue her mission to draw attention to the magnitude of these atrocities, Sandberg appears on-camera in “Screams Before Silence,” a 60-minute film with interviews multiple eyewitnesses, released hostages, first responders, medical and forensic experts, and survivors of the Hamas massacres. Filming in Israel has already been completed and the documentary is slated for release in April 2024.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to work with the world-renowned team at Kastina Communications to shine a light on the sexual violence committed by Hamas on October 7th,” said Sheryl Sandberg. “For the victims and eyewitnesses who survived, we must demand justice and hold their tormentors and rapists accountable for these crimes against humanity. And for those who did not survive, we must raise our voices because they cannot.”

“Screams before Silence” is being produced with generous funding from philanthropists Carol and Joey Low. Joey, founder of Star Farm Ventures and Meny Aviram, CEO of Kastina Communications, approached Sheryl to be a part of this important project in December and production began almost immediately. International distribution for “Screams before Silence” is currently under discussion.