Global animation outfit launches UK based Snipple Originals to develop own IP and the UK’s investment firm BGF backs Snipple with £6 million investment.


"Peeled Prawn & Shaved Sheep"


Global animation studio Snipple has launched a brand-new UK-based, but internationally focused, division and team, Snipple Originals; devoted to the development of long form animated content for global audiences.  At the same time, the company announces that Snipple has secured a £6 million investment from BGF – the UK’s most active investor. BGF will take a minority share in Snipple.

Under the leadership of London based CEO Kaine Patel along with co- founders, Studio Director Jonathan Tinsay and Creative Director Romy Gacia, Philippines-based Snipple Animation has worked consistently with some of the biggest broadcast networks globally.

Its illustrious portfolio of animation work boasts some of the world’s best loved evergreens, such as "Where’s Waldo?", "Dora And Friends: Into the City!",  "Animaniacs", "Green Eggs and Ham, Ducktales", "Be Cool Scooby Doo", "Phineas and Ferb" and many more.

The company is now realising its ambition to launch an original production arm, drawing on its wealth of knowledge, talent and expertise. As well as its close relationships with global broadcasters and in-depth understanding of what they look for.  The operation will be led by award winning producer Karina Stanford-Smith, appointed as Animation Development Director and she will report directly to Kaine Patel. Award winning Vincent James has been appointed as Creative Director.

Animation Development Director, Karina Stanford-Smith, says: “It is so exciting to draw on the huge talent and expertise of Snipple and to have the freedom to create and develop home grown ideas. We have the perfect team in place to produce high-quality global hits that audiences will love. The Snipple Originals development team have been working together for 30 years in various guises. We have a chemistry that has allowed us to hit the ground running; now bringing a varied slate of projects to the table.”

Snipple Group CEO, Kaine Patel, adds:It has been a dream for me to expand Snipple into the world of original content. It’s the perfect expression of our creativity and heritage as a studio. Animation is really having a moment right now and I can’t wait to start talking to potential broadcast partners and bring them on our journey.”

Tom McDonnell, investor at BGF, said: “As a rapidly  growing  and  highly  profitable animation production  business, Snipple is well-placed to capitalise on significant and increasing demand for new content from the likes of Netflix, Disney and Amazon. We’re thrilled to be investing in the business and have been particularly impressed by the strength of the management team and the creative calibre of its new hires. Animation has proved particularly resilient to the headwinds of Covid and this represents an exciting opportunity to invest in a business competing on a on world stage.”


Snipple Originals are open for business and ready to present their first content slate of five shows to potential broadcasters, streamers and IP partners.

"Peeled Prawn & Shaved Sheep" is a comedy action adventure series. Aimed at 6-12-year-olds, it stars a sheep and prawn combo who join forces to fight crime in Thousand Island City. "Snö" is a magical adventure series for 4-7-year-olds set in the far far North. "Cassidy’s Castle" is a metaphysical mystery series for 6-12-year-olds about dreams, doors and destiny. "Wise Island Woohoos" is an environmental edu-tainment series aimed at 3-6-year-olds. "Trippin’" is an 18+ comedy series based around a high octane and extremely offensive US road trip.

Animation is really having a moment right now and I can’t wait to start talking to potential broadcast partners and bring them on our journey” Snipple Group CEO Kaine Patel